The best music player phones – five of the best

Mobile phones have been playing music for years and with internal storage memory now measured in GBs, they are good alternatives to having a dedicated music player.

But not all are as good as each other and the quality of the supplied headphones can vary a lot – so Which? puts each phone to the test to see how good it is at playing music.

Best Buy mobile phones – the phones that aced our tests

5 top music player mobile phones

Apple iPhone 5 – £530

Essentially an iPod Touch with phone features thrown in, the iPhone is a natural choice for music lovers. You may be tempted by the cheaper iPhone 4S or 4 rather than the 5 – although you won’t get Apple’s new EarPod headphones so sound quality may not be as good. However, all versions of the device offer integration with iTunes and the music features you would expect from the maker of the iPod.

Find out how the rest of the phones features did in our tests in our Apple iPhone 5 review.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – £500

This huge smartphone from Samsung may sound more like its more focused on video than music with a 5.5-inch screen, but it still has an excellent music player built-in. It also comes with some pleasantly surprising headphones so as long as your pockets are big enough it looks like a good choice.

Sony Xperia S – £300

The Xperia S might not be as new as the Xperia T but it still holds its own in the music department. An excellent music player with a decent set of headphones make this a great choice if you’re a music fan and 32GB of storage means you’ll have plenty of space for your collection.

Sony Xperia U – £140

The Xperia U may be a cheaper version of Sony’s latest smartphones but that doesn’t mean it can’t sound as good as the rest of them. The supplied headphones are not only decent sounding but they also have in-line controls so you don’t have to fish the phone out of your pocket to change tracks.

Nokia Lumia 710 – £100

The Lumia 710 comes with an impressive music player and a decent set of headphones. You also get access to Nokia Music which acts like a internet radio station and allows you to download songs for listening to later. One downside is the fairly modest 8GB storage which can’t be expanded with a microSD slot, so if you want to store a lot of music it might be worth looking elsewhere.

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7 replies

  1. What about HTC? Seeing as they claim to have the best sounding music player and boast their “Beats” tag more over that of most other things (including battery ‘power’) I can’t help but wonder why they have not made an appearance on your list.

  2. What about the Nokia Lumia 820 which has all of the benefits of Nokia Music on the 710, plus room for an SD card, and it’s cheaper than the Iphone 5 and Galaxy note… plus, it has the option of NFC wireless play. so awesome.

  3. I would love to run across a review that actually talks specs about the audio quality. I don’t want to read an article entitled “The best music player phones – 5 of the best” and only read about what each phone’s audio player is like and what type of headphones come with said phones.

  4. I use a huawei ideos x5…its got clear nd deep bass…clear sound..nd a dolby digital enhancement nd cheap…I phone nd others like beats audio give sharp bass…mine gives deep nd plesant bass.Music lovers should try.

  5. U people should try the app power amp if u use a android….its got a ten band equalizer……but u should know how to set it….it can give results similar to the top phones in a simple android …it gives volume too….sharp bass like beats if u like nd deep bass if u like…..nice app people….I listen to music deep..nd this app nd my phone help me a lot…

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