The best web browsing mobile phones

Most new mobile phones are now expected to browse the internet, but these are five phones that claim to offer the best internet connectivity.

This might be because they feature cutting edge HSDPA connectivity – commonly known as 3.5G – or because they have a particularly agile touchscreen that makes web browsing easier. Here is our pick of the best smartphones for web browsing:

Top 5 web browsing mobile phones

Apple iPhone 4S

Apple set the standard for easy mobile browsing with its first iPhone and the latest version is still up there with the best. It may not have the biggest screen for viewing web pages but the display resolution is one of the sharpest around making text and graphics clear and easy to read.

It has HSDPA (3.5G) and wi-fi connectivity so it can download web pages quickly and take advantage of nearby hotspots.

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus

The sheer size of the Galaxy Nexus’s screen makes web browsing a joy. Plus, with a resolution that almost matches the retina display on the iPhone, you won’t have to spend all your time zooming in and out – although being able to pinch to zoom on the screen means this is easy if you need to.

Full connectivity means you won’t have to hang about waiting for pages to download and you also get a handy data monitoring tool thanks to the Galaxy Nexus running the latest version of Android – Ice Cream Sandwich.

BlackBerry Torch 9810

Accessing the internet on BlackBerrys has always been fast and easy on data usage thanks to the way they compress information and the Torch 9810 is no exception.

On top of this, the combination on touchscreen and slide out Qwerty keypad means entering address and information is quick and easy – although the screen isn’t as big as some other smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S2

A large and bright 4.3-inch touchscreen was always going to make the Galaxy S2 a strong contender in the web browsing department and with a 1.2GHz dual-core processor to keep everything running – this smartphone is a slick surfer.

Loading pages should also be fast with HSDPA connectivity – or wi-fi if you’re in range of a friendly hotspot.

HTC Salsa

The Salsa isn’t the most expensive smartphone out there, or the one with the most impressive spec sheet – but what it does do is occupy a comfortable middle ground. It’s 3.4-inch touchscreen isn’t too small for browsing but also isn’t too big for most pockets  and its features – quite modest when compared with some smartphones – make it affordable.

On top of fast connectivity and the ability to pinch to zoom on the touchscreen, HTC has also added a special Facebook button for easy sharing of photos or music or pretty much anything you are doing with your phone – should you so wish.

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