Top five common mobile phone myths – which did you believe?

Mobile phones have become commonplace, but unfortunately so have some of these myths. We look at some of the most common misconceptions that could leave you out of pocket or with an unsuitable phone.

  1. Mobile Contracts are fixed

    You could see a price rise during your contract

    Mobile phone contracts are fixed price
    While you might expect that when you sign up to a fixed term contract your price will stay the same for the length of the contract, the terms and conditions are likely to say different. We’ve already seen Orange, T-Mobile and Three increase their prices for existing customers and unfortunately Ofcom seems happy for them to do so. Increases are likely to be below inflation, but they still can come as a nasty surprise.

  2. Mobile phone insurance

    You might end up paying out more than your phone is worth

    Mobile phone insurance is worth the money
    A mobile phone can be an expensive gadget so naturally you’d want to protect it, but often mobile phone insurance is not the best way to do so. Your mobile may already be covered by your home insurance and some specialist covers may not pay out in the case of accidental damage or charge an excess that means you will be paying out more than the phone is worth. Read our advice guide on mobile phone insurance.

  3. Unlocking your phone is illegal
    Unlocking mobile phones

    It is perfectly legal to unlock your mobile

    Going to a market stall to unlock your phone may seem a little dodgy and feel like you are doing something wrong but you are not. Unlocking your phone to use it on another network is perfectly legal – and often there are faster and cheaper ways of unlocking a mobile than going through the networks themselves – although it may be worth checking if you are invalidating the warranty. A great resource for finding out the best way to unlock your phone is Giffgaff’s unlockapedia.

  4. Do I need a smartphone?

    There are many good basic mobiles out there

    You need a smartphone
    Smartphones get all the attention these days but they aren’t always necessary. If you aren’t interested in apps and want to do your web browsing on a computer then you could be better off getting a simpler – and cheaper – handset. See our reviews of basic pay-as-you-go phones to see which models are the best at performing the basic tasks such as calling and texting.

  5. What do mobile specs mean?

    Our tests prove performance isn’t just about specs

    Better specs = a better phone
    With quad-core processors and 12Mp cameras being put in top-end smartphones, each phone maker is trying to out do the rest by getting the longest list of specs. But this doesn’t always mean better performance, and our testing has shown that the most GHz or largest battery doesn’t always give the best result. Find out more information about how we test mobile phones or watch our what makes a Best Buy mobile phone video below.

What makes a Best Buy mobile phone?

Which? tests 60 mobile phones a year so you can immediately find which ones perform best using our rating system. We test models in realistic situations to give you a true idea of the battery life, ease of use and features you can expect to experience.

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8 replies

  1. Number 6: Having the most up-to-date versions of your apps is best. I have a couple of apps that have lost certain features as a result of an app update – or the free features have become paid for. Other app updates have meant that I’m no longer able to use them offline.

    I guess I should read the small print detailing the app update, but when so many of my apps need updating so frequently I rarely bother.

  2. I realise it may be a ‘generation’ thing but I seem to be one of the few who still have a simple ‘1 g’ mobile which does nothing else but make and receive calls which is all I require of it. The very mention of ‘apps’ irritates me, as does the apparent need of the present generation, and some older ones too, to constantly inform all their friends of every minutiae of their daily lives.
    Not that I am totally non – technical-in fact I am a retired professional engineer and have been a keen photographer all my life and, yes, I have embraced the digital revolution, tho’ a bit reluctantly. That is why I feel no need for my mobile to take photographs, or to surf the internet. which I much prefer to do on a decent computer in the comfort of my one home.
    Just one final thought-technology is wonderful thing- but just because we can do it, doesn’t mean it is always makes sense to proceed. I sometimes depair of the advanced technology that ends up wasted on total triviality.
    OK-that’s my rant for today.

    1. Apart from the fact that I am not an engineer I could have written Bill Douglas’ message myself as I fully agree with every word.

  3. I am [or rather was] a chartered civil engineer [though once an engineer, always an engineer!] and I couldn’t agree more with Bill Douglas about the current needs of my wife and I. However, I do recognise that if I was still working I would would be totally immersed in everything the digital age now offers the construction industry. A seriously smart phone would be indispensable!

  4. I guess I’m probably roughly the same age as the previous three commentators, but I love my iPhone, because one device covers a myriad of uses. Need a calculator? Got one. Need a stopwatch? Got one. Need a torch? Got one. Need a magnifying glass? Got one. Need to remember to take a pill? Got a reminder. Lost? Got that covered too. Need a spirit level? Got one. Caught waiting for someone with nothing to read? Got that too. Need to listen to a talking book at the gym? Got that too, etc. etc. etc. All from one thing that you have to carry about anyway. OK, some of those things I only use once in a blue moon, but other things, like the torch and the stopwatch I use quite a lot, but not often enough to always carry one. And sometimes, it’s a real lifersaver, like the GPS/ maps. It’s like the Swiss Army knife of electronics. Now where’s that app for getting the stones out of horses’ hooves?

    1. Yes, where else could you get a calculator, a stopwatch AND a torch for only £500. I too love my iphone , I find the sex is better than with animate objects and also there is a spirit level function and app that that means I no longer need to go to the lavatory. RIP Bill Gates you were a genius

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