HP Instant Ink – is it good value?

Ink costs can be a major gripe when it comes to home printing, and printer manufacturers know it. Epson and HP are just two of the big printer names that have come up with new ways for customers to pay for their ink and prints – but do they really keep costs down?

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What is HP Instant Ink?

Available on a select range of HP wi-fi printers, HP Instant Ink is a different way to pay for your ink and prints at home.

You don’t pay for cartridges, so in its simplest form it’s a bit like a mobile phone plan: you pay a certain amount every month to print a set number of pages on your home printer.

If you reach your page limit within a given month, you can ‘top up’ your payment to print more pages – and the printer won’t print until you do. If you don’t use your page allowance in a month, the remaining pages roll over into the next month.

How does it work?

To get started, all you need is an HP printer that’s compatible with the Instant Ink service and an enrollment card, available from stores including PC World.

You register the code on the enrollment card online to start the service.

There are three Instant Ink price plans available:

Hp instant ink plans

If an ink cartridge is running low, the printer communicates with HP via the wi-fi connection and a new cartridge is posted to you. You don’t pay for the cartridge because you’re paying a monthly subscription for prints.

Is HP Instant Ink cheaper than buying ink cartridges?

So far, eight HP printers are compatible with Instant Ink – these include the HP Envy 4500, HP Envy 5530, HP ENVY 5640, HP Officejet 5740, HP ENVY 7640, HP Officejet Pro 6830, HP Officejet Pro 6230 and HP Officejet Pro 8610. The value of Instant Ink will vary according to which printer you own and what you print on it.

Text pages are generally cheap to print, so if you only print black text, paying for cartridges for the Officejet printer is probably the cheaper way to go.

If you regularly print colour pages or photos, Instant Ink is likely to work in your favour – and it saves you trips to the shops to buy cartridges.

If you make the switch to Instant Ink you may find yourself becoming even more of a print preview jobsworth. The smallest dot of ink on a page will be counted as a printed page, so make a friend of the ‘shrink one page’ setting in Word.

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  1. Nothing would make me more angry than to be printing something important and have the printer stop because I had reached my allotment for the month. I will never knowingly allow that to happen to me. I have no interest in an Instant Ink program or any other program that gives others control over my equipment.

    1. I thought it just charged you another £1.00 for every 15,20 or 25 pages you go over. I don’t think it stops sending you ink when you need it.
      As someone who prints a LOT of photos and colour this seems to be a good option. Perhaps way too good to be true?

    2. Print won’t stop – you just get charged extra, and extra, and extra. My first “free” trial month, I got billed $24. And when I tried to cancel 2 days into the next month, they said, too late, we’re keeping your money for the second month. Oh, and PS – I had only put in the black cartridge, so they were charging me to print using my own color cartridges!!! Very disappointing model. I’ll stick to paying what I use (the ink) not paying by the page.

    3. Instant Ink is genius and it’s save a fortune! I’m prompted by email when my allowance is low and you are given the option of upgrading to the tier above so if you are on £1.99 plan you can upgrade to the £3.49 by paying the extra £1.50. You can check your remaining pages online at any time. The one time I forgot to upgrade my family printed 318 photos whilst I was away (I’m on £3.49 plan) & it only cost me £16 that month. It would have cost me more than double that to print that much using conventional cartridges so not bothered, my own fault… :-S Awesome thing is how ink just arrives before I need it.

    4. Exactly. Why in gods name have I allows these monthly charges to continue. I don’t even use my printer. I thought I would be just paying for cheap ink when I run out. Instead I’m being billed to print from my own damn machine?? And someone else will control that if I’ve downgraded my plan ? It’s my printer!!! I bought it. I bought the paper and the original ink! Your charging me to use what I already paid for and you are regulating it? Screw that!

    5. Exactly. Why in gods name have I allows these monthly charges to continue. I don’t even use my printer. I thought I would be just paying for cheap ink when I run out. Instead I’m being billed to print from my own damn machine?? And someone else will control that if I’ve downgraded my plan ? It’s my printer!!! I bought it. I bought the paper and the original ink! Your charging me to use what I already paid for and you are regulating it? Screw that! Total scam! I’m getting out of this plan forever!!!

    6. I cancelled my instant ink contract and today (the day it expires) I find that NONE of my instant ink cartridges will work any more. HP says you can cancel without any penalty. Well, I have 3 almost new instant ink cartridges that are useless and a printer that no longer works until I buy new cartridges. That is what I call a penalty. This is a swindle.

    7. I can’t connect to the internet and I can’t print my wedding invitations! This is awful! I have ink I have a computer, but can’t print. Also, if I wanted to be charged for every page I print I’d go to a library or Staples.. this is bull-.

    8. Do not do the Instant Ink program. I bought a 8610 back in December 2015 and thought what the heck I will try the Instant Ink. Set up and when I get low on ink, new cartridges just show up. What a waste of crap.

      First off one of the “New” cartridges wouldn’t work and I had to wait for HP to send me another set. Or go buy some at the store which negates the whole deal in the first place. After 6 months it just didn’t pencil out, so I canceled the services. The printer is now bricked! Yeah bricked…as in will no longer print. I get an error message on the Computer screen and the printer screen telling me to go to Instant Ink website and resolve the issue so I can continue to print.

      I contacted tech. support and they kept havng me do stuff that didn’t fix anything, still won’t print. I tired to do a complete reset ont the printer back to factory condition… yeah it still holds onto the fact that you enrolled into the program, and again won’t print.

      That’s it I am done with HP. I am willing to bet that this little move violates Consumer protection laws in the U.S. I guess at some point they will get nailed for it. So I am sticking this POS in the back of a closet for when that day comes…if ever.

      The instant ink program is total fraud… DON’T DO IT!

    9. This is not good if you print less than 50 pages per month. As a matter of fact, I think it’s a ripoff. My billing period was from Sept 14 to October 14. I cancelled this September 22, after printing about 6 pages from Sept 14, and they still billed me on October 15 for past usage. I will NEVER use HP again. And I will NEVER purchase an HP product again. I currently have 3 desktop computers, and two of them are HP. That will NEVER happen again. I hope they go bankrupt and never recover.

    10. You never have this problem, you are simply charged prorata rate for extra pages and can lower or higher you month allowance at any time also instant ink cartridges are muncher capacity than what you purchase

    11. I am on this and have been for over a year now. I love it! I don’t have to worry about running out of ink or going to the shops to buy new ones. I pay £3.49 a month which means almost £42 a year. A cartridge is around £15 which can do around 200 pages. If I bought 3 cartridges that would cost me £45 and that is for just three. So if you are going to use more than three cartridges a year, you will be saving money.
      I started on the 50 pages a month and now I use it more, I simply upgraded to 100 pages a month. The system is so easy to use and wish all printer companies did this.

  2. This seems to be a brilliant concept and I have been very pleased with this for the last two months.
    There is one snag though – I put a new tri-colour cartridge in a few days ago and planned to print lots of pictures for my sister after she got married a week ago. She went away for the week and so I thought it would be nice to present her with these. I printed a couple on the Friday night, and Saturday morning I came to print and the printer reads `Ink Cartridge Problem` – The following Ink Cartridge must be replaced`.Well as I am in the £3.49 a month plan, I have no more cartridges as this was a new one I had put in! Nobody to contact over the weekend and it is now Tuesday – my sister is back – and very dissapointingly I can`t print anything!

    1. Hi Lesley
      Thanks for your review, I am trying to decide whether to go for Instant Ink or stick with buying ink as and when I need it. I wondered about the problem of running out of ink after doing more printing than usual. If you had bought a spare set of ink cartridges would the printer allow you to change these over and start working again or are you completely locked out because you are on Instant Ink?

      Interestingly, I am still using the HP cartridges that came with my printer purchased a couple of months ago and despite using approx 90% black ink for docs (only a few docs with colour), the supply level is showing that I am nearly out of both black and colour. Wonder why?

      I will have to make a decision soon!

  3. if you dont want to get charged more u have to upgrade your plan if you were enrolled on a 2.99 plan the maximum pages is 50 pages only and every exceeding set of pages will cost you a dollar. So for 2.99 plan every extra set is 15 pagesfor 1 dollar. for 4.99 its 20 pages per set and for 9.99 is 25 pages. So might as well upgrade into a higher plan if you think your going to print more than 50 pages. 4.99 is 100 pages the and 9.99 is for 300 pages. and the special cartridges of hp has a microchip on it that communicates to the hp instant ink server and will notify the server that the ink is low. so it is really important to make that the printer is connected wirelessly and the web services of the printer should be on so they can monitor the inklevels and the number of pages that u tried to print.u can also ugrade ur plan any time of the day…

  4. Im so tempted to get this, I run 2 printers already, a Kodak and a Canon so if im nearing the 300 pages i’d just use them for smaller jobs. I print a lot of stickers, tags and business cards and the Canon Pixma ink is making it too costly. Curry’s/PC World have a good deal on one of HP printers so I think I might get on board this!

    1. Hi Sharon,

      I bought a Officejet 4650 for £49 from PC world on Wednesday and I got the £7.99 plan. I got 3 months free with the printer and an extra month with the enrolment card so I got 5 months in total.

      I have used about 1/4 of my ink and I already have more being sent. It also says that during the free trial I won’t be charged for up to 300 additional pages so I plan to print a shed load of photos :)

      My only gripe is that they are starting to count the pages with the cartridges I got with then Printer, they are instant ink ones and it’s a free trial so I can’t really complain.

      the same set of cartridges cost £15,99 and that was in Wilkos so not an expensive store.

      This is already saving me money!

  5. I have the 50 page plan. I’m fine with this service but what irks me is that HP made a special high capacity cartridge for users of this plan so they last longer. This shows how they build in checks to make us buy more cartridges, like shipping printers with a few cc’s of ink and selling cartridges with a few cc’s more but with this plan they are responsible for replacing cartridges so they load them up with ink so they last a very long time. It’s the special capacity cartridges not for sale to the public that make this plan work for both us and HP.

  6. Hp instant ink is a scam, nothing more nothing less, I’m on the 50 page plan, it’s been a year so technically I paid for cartridge, however since I’ve reached my page limit, cartridge has been disabled by hp, so unless I upgrade my page plan or pay for extra copies my printer is out of order. I feel I paid for a complete cartridge so not fare to have to pay extra, I’m lodging a complaint with BBB, and explain my side!

  7. Instant Ink is a farce and a scam. If I am ever stupid enough to buy another HP product, please someone slap me. I used Instant Ink for over a year, and when I put a cartridge that was defective, from HP, the only way I could contact the all glorious HP support was call them. Because the printer was out of warranty, email and chat was not available. So to contact them I had to call and be on Hold forever. I got so fed up, I cancelled their service. But because one of the Instant Ink cartridges was still in the printer (the black cartridge was defective but the color worked) HP in its infinite stupidity and controlling nature, remotely turned off my printer from functioning. So now I have paid for both cartridges, a defective one, a working one, and then purchased another one at Wal-Mart. Now I have to purchase another one to get out of the instant ink service. As soon as this printer dies, and it cannot be to soon, I will be buying an Epson or something. This printer is the last HP crap I will ever buy.

  8. Needs better Key (operating) features made clearer !

    What should be made much clearer as “key features” of the plan
    (these are in the FAQ/T&C of the plan but not easy to read – and not in HP’s interest until they annoy enough customers ?)
    – when you stop the plan, the “plan supplied” cartridges are disabled
    – you will only be charged once any pre-sent cartridge is used (so use one, use both and take any remaining good ones out, as you have paid for them already, and may need them if you leave/suspend the plan)

    Optimising use of the plan:
    For those whose use is uneven, you can step up the plan for the next month or immediate month (and I assume any of ‘those’ remaining pages rollover), and the next month downgrade again.
    You can also stop the plan (there is no official suspend/0 page option),
    eg if not printing for while – OK, this will disable their cartridges, but nothing stops you putting your own ‘old’ ones back in till you want re-join the plan.

    i.e. there needs to be better guidance on getting the most out of the plan.


    So compared to printing say 400 pages from a set of 20 pound (each) cartridges
    As I see it, the instant ink plan is good (even a very good one) if one
    – prints alot of colour (especially full pages = 4 off small photo pages)
    – prints more or less the same amount each month, and at least half the plan count if only b/w.

    Prints being blocked:
    In the current (UK) plan, you have to register a credit / debit card so they can automatically charge the excess pages (if you have none to/used all the rollover ones) – so as long as you keep your replacement card dates updated, you should not get locked out (but a better plan would be to upgrade for a month unless it is only a few pages ?)

    There is a note in the T&C, that if you change out the plan cartridges for your own, they may disable theirs AND keep charging – but then, there is also a note about if there were problems (eg their cartidge failed) you should have a valid excuse / justification.

    At an average of 4p/page (cheaper on higher plans) IF you use the full 50/100/300 pages, the costs are cheaper than the running costs of your own cartridges ( which? estimates) for 20 text and 20 text& graphics pages (approx £3.50 cf £1.99/month for 50 pages). So higher colour use would make it even more worthwhile. Lots of text only, probably not (just use XL cartridges)

    There are always the ‘alternative’ ink companies…..

  9. Here’s how to scam the scammers. Order the service, receive the creepy cartridges, never put them in. Instead, when your own are empty take the ink from theirs and use it in yours. You can open them and transfer the filled sponge. Or just squeeze them in your dry ones. Use gloves. Aaand, cancel service, join again, receive new ones.

    You’re welcome. FU HP.

  10. My god.

    I was sent some on the 8th of Jan 2016. I literally put them in and printed 3 photos ( I have 251 pages left this month) and I jsut got an e-mail to tell me that 31 minutes AFTER I did this – I have more on the way!

    I haven’t even touched the ones I have and I will probably run out of pages before I get these.

    I am starting to think an Epson EcoTank is better as it won’t have the 300 limit

    I am on a 7 months free trial and they wave the additional 300 pages for 3 months so it’s not so bad

    But stupid to send more ink when I don’t need it!

    1. Well, I went out and bought the EcoTank 2550 for £199 with 3 year warranty and £30 cashback. it’s not as fast as the HP but I did get a full supply of ink and I just bought 6 more Geunine HP 4packs of bottles and I got 6 free black. All this was £61 delivered.

      That’s me sorted for the next 5 years (ink has a 5 years shelf life) and it’s still cheaper than a year of HP Instant Ink (£96 a year, over 5 that’s £480)

      I CAN use OEM inks if I want to – but I chose not to because the bottled are £5.85 each so still good value

  11. I purchased an HP 6830 in October and the first thing I noticed was my printer began talking to me. Then I noticed my fees for Instant Ink was coming out of my bank more frequently. Yesterday I returned my HP 6830 to Best Buy and I received a new printer WITHOUT INSTANT INK. Now I am getting email from HP about how much money I owe them. I instructed the HP person that I had notified my bank and there will be NO MORE money going to HP for how many pages I Used.INSTANT INK is the WORST idea HP has ever come up with.

    1. Well I’m out of pages with one new set and 3/4 of the current set waiting to be used.

      Send enough so someone pays the £8 a month but dosent need any more ink.

      Poor show. This is like having broadband with usage caps again!

  12. I have been a customer of instant ink for about a year on the 300 page account. I print out lots of photos and activity pictures for my Grandchildren .
    I must say after years of purchasing other well known printers and paying a fortune for replacement ink cartridges I find this Service excellent for my needs.
    I have recieved numerous replacement ink cartridges throughout the year and for the first time have cartridges in reserve. It’s great to be able to choose your printing needs and you can change your printable amount whenever you want .
    I would recommend his service .

    1. Instart ink printers still take non instant ink. Once you cancel instant ink the billing from HP should stop and you should be able to buy cartridges from your local retailer. So if you’ve canceled the contract you shouldn’t be billed anymore for the instant ink service.

  13. I see all this horrible comments about Instaink… I just bought an HP printer and considering the service…. HP — explain this program if you want to promote it as there are more negative comments and dissatisfied customers than there are customers raving about this program… Also, from all these comments, it seems that you make it hard for customers to opt out and you still charge despite customers giving notice that they want to discontinue…. I need more clarification as I do influence a great many whenever I use a product and stand by it.

  14. We started on this service as it seemed ideal for the business. However our monthly charges went up and up and the ink kept coming – yet we did not do very much printing. Eventually I contacted HP who checked and reported how many prints they had logged since we both started checking – and lo and behold theirs was almost a 100 more in just a week. Eventually we came to the conclusion that when we had a power cut (we had a few and also we had a new meter fitted so the power was off). When the power was off the HP log started from scratch again. Same went for if we cancelled a print – it was take that cancelled print as actually having been printed. So hence the ink kept coming. We had enough to fill a large A4 envelope as well as 2 of their return bags. So as we had not done the printing we were being charged for we were in fact paying for the ink. But when we cancelled the contract with them all that ink became unusable – due to their chip system. When I complained I received a vouched for £20 to be used in the HP store – not even enough to buy a full set of ink. So I had to fork out an additional £30 off to be able to use the printer.
    Does anyone know where I can complain and get some real satisfaction from HP? Grateful for any help. Thanks

    1. i have just been delivered another box of inks thats now 3 boxs in the draw unopened in the last couple of months have had about £40 extra charges and dont even usethe ink i have been sent its a con

  15. I haven’t received an instant ink cartridge yet that doesn’t leak. They keep telling me I am opening them wrong and I have to open them a certain way so the can vent. When I open them exactly the way they tell me, they still leak.

  16. 2 months + after cancelling my Instant Ink contract I am still on the inks I bought when theirs stopped working. We do just as much printing as before…

  17. Don’t bother with this. I bought a new printer and a instant ink subscription. It turns out I do much more printing then the £7.99 subscription allows.
    So I cancelled my subscription within the same month. Having used up the ink that came with the new printer, I started using the “Instant Ink” cartridge about three weeks ago.
    Today my printer has stopped printing because HP have blocked the ink. I have three unused INK cartridges and a three quarters full black ink,
    I am being told that I can not use these and to throw them away !!!! and go and buy some new ink.
    I understand the restriction of the monthly subscription, but nobody said it would render my printer unusable within 30 days of the cancelation
    More to the point, I have unopened ink that I am being told to throw away.

  18. RUN FROM THIS SERVICE! This has been an absolute nightmare and their technical support is downright incompetent. I never received instant ink because they claimed there were problems with connectivity. However, there were no problems other than with HP Instant Ink. When I canceled the service, they deactivated the ink cartridges that I had paid for within the context of the subscription rates even though I was still paying for the service for another two weeks because they require you to complete the month in which you cancel. Additionally, they said they would refund three months of the plan rate because of the fact that I wasn’t able to print, but that required being transferred from department to department. After a one hour conversation initially and then 45 minutes in a return phone call from them because of the poor rating I gave them on their survey, I finally just gave up. It simply wasn’t worth my time or energy to recoup the fees.

    Now, every time I attempt to print using cartridges I purchased from a store, I have to override a directive on my printer to connect to HP. I have to physically walk to the computer for every print command. Interestingly, HP Support is not available to me for some reason.

    DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO THIS SERVICE. I sincerely believe it is a scam on a universal scale and will cost you more in time and headaches than the amount you will pay by purchasing your ink independently.

  19. Do not do the Instant Ink program. I bought a 8610 back in December 2015 and thought what the heck I will try the Instant Ink. Set up and when I get low on ink, new cartridges just show up. What a waste of crap.

    First off one of the “New” cartridges wouldn’t work and I had to wait for HP to send me another set. Or go buy some at the store which negates the whole deal in the first place. After 6 months it just didn’t pencil out, so I canceled the services. The printer is now bricked! Yeah bricked…as in will no longer print. I get an error message on the Computer screen and the printer screen telling me to go to Instant Ink website and resolve the issue so I can continue to print.

    I contacted tech. support and they kept havng me do stuff that didn’t fix anything, still won’t print. I tired to do a complete reset ont the printer back to factory condition… yeah it still holds onto the fact that you enrolled into the program, and again won’t print.

    That’s it I am done with HP. I am willing to bet that this little move violates Consumer protection laws in the U.S. I guess at some point they will get nailed for it. So I am sticking this POS in the back of a closet for when that day comes…if ever.

    The instant ink program is total fraud… DON’T DO IT!

  20. I was considering purchasing an HP8710, but after all the negative comments about the instant ink program and how HP locks out your printer I have decided to look for a different brand.
    The salesman at Office Depot talked about how wonderful the program is, but after reading one negative review after another I had better steer clear of HP.

    1. I believe most negative reviews are from people that
      1) who have not tried the plan, or
      2) gone thru the math, or
      3) expect to use something they did not pay for (full cartridges that may last several months), after cancelling their plans)

  21. This is the biggest cons ever! I am only printing double line spaced play scripts so barely use any ink. But I have 4 full cartridges left and am being charged double, on my own printer, what my local company charges! Absolute waste of time and space. Conned by what seemed like a good plan. Disgusted!

  22. Hi

    I have considered using the instant ink facility, however I already know that I will be using more than the 300 pages a month.

    I have tried the link through the hp website to contact hp instant ink which leads to a blank. I cannot find an appropriate number and there are already so many reviews stating that should you receive a faulty cartridge or should you leave the service all seem to have experienced massive problems.

    If hp could contact me to discuss it would be appreciated.

  23. Don’t do HP instant ink subscription! I signed on for 50 pages a month. I rarely print more than 10 pages per month and all was well until the credit card associated with the account expired. HP says that they sent me an email alert, however I did not see it. Six days later I am in dire need of printing one page and my printer has been disabled by HP. Mind you I have a month’s allotment of printing plus 50 “rollover” pages but still can’t use MY PRINTER because HP wants a new CC#. What a load of crap and a vast inconvenience. I missed a deadline. Had to travel to my local library to use their printer. All for $2.99. The HP rep bounced my complaint back at me by saying that I ignored their email message. And that I should more thoroughly review the terms of service. Okay so its my bad, my problem. Lesson learned is not to sign up for a service that allows remote access to your personal property. HP hijacked my printer at a most inopportune time. It won’t happen again as I am out!

  24. As a small business user I find this very convenient and far less expensive to run than buying cartridges (original branded) which seemed to have a mind of their own. I replaced a 2 year old quality branded printer that was eating ink like there was no tomorrow, and had already had 2 print heads changed. Bought a HP Envy, with scanner / wi fi etc – not top of the range – about £60.00. Joined up to the instant ink package (second cheapest at just under £35 per year, plus a 3 month free trial.) This is serving us extremely well after 4 months. I was spending this on cartridges every 8 weeks, no matter how many of few prints I made.
    I have seen reviews that say the original temporary supply cartridges don’t last, but I found the opposite. My replacements arrived within a week of printer purchase, but as yet I have not had to open them. Really. And Ive been printing as usual, though no photographs, but that’s normal for me.
    So far so good, No negatives at all.
    And the printer? A doddle to set up, prints very well, its fast, quiet, and the wireless function is far better than previous printer. An all round winner.

    1. I second this experience as a small business user. I print 200-300 pages per month and have found it to be very cost effective and convenient.

      In my opinion it will only suit people who print regularly, if you only print sporadically for home use then it will be cheaper to use normal cartridges.

  25. I don’t recognise most of the negative comments here. My experience with other brands was certainly not good. For instance a lot of time, and ink was used cleaning the nozzles. My old printer stopped working just after buying a batch of inks on a 3 for 2 offer and I am left with “paid for” inks in the drawer.
    Instant ink, so far, has been a good experience. My wife has just signed up and is enjoying a free 3 month trial. The roll over system is working and I am a lot happier with our two hp envy printers.
    A general comment is that printer inks are the dearest liquid (per cc) that we are likely to buy. I hope a bit of competition will help!


  26. Just 2 questions if anybody can help.

    1/ If you subscribe then cancel after say 2 months or whenever, if you haven’t yet used the original cartridges that came with the printer then install them and try to use them after you have cancelled, will they work or not. (presuming they will be the “instant ink” variety cartridge?

    2/ During a subscription period, if your printer is for whatever reason disconnected from the internet, if you try to print, will it still print?

    thanks in advance for any help.

  27. I signed up to HP Instant Ink as I was fed up spending a fortune on printer ink that was being used as cleaning fluid. As only an occasional user (in order to keep costs down), the printer was going into a cleaning cycle just about every time we used it. I felt like I was replacing the cartridges almost every month. The HP Instant Ink plan means that do not have to care too much whether the printer wants to waste ink cleaning itself. I weighed up the monthly costs versus the likely costs of replacing cartridges every month and figured it was worth trying.
    My main problem at the moment is that I am printing a lot of pages simply in order to try to resolve (what I suspect is) a problem with the printer driver. But that is not a fault of Instant Ink.

  28. Well, I thought I would put in my $.02 worth into this discussion. I bought a new HP printer in late Sept. 2016 (HP 6968). My old HP printer finally died after 20 years of service. I decided to wait to see what my ink usage was before signing up for the instant ink plan. To Dec. 15th I printed 495 pages according to the history log. I printed more pages than I would normally during this time. After using up the ink that came with the printer, ( I estimate I printed at least 200 pages with these) I installed a new set of cartridges on Nov. 11th. These were normal color cartridges with an XL cartridge for black. The set cost $67. By Dec. 15th, (a little more than 1 month) I was completely out of ink in all 3 color cartridges and had about 50-60% left in the black cartridge. I was a little alarmed or surprised since I did not print any photos and not all that much color period. I went to the store and bought 3 color color cartridges for $32. I decided to seriously consider signing up for the instant ink program. Why did the color cartridges go so fast?? Well, it may have been that I had some streaking across the black lines of print and had to clean the print heads at least 6-7 times. I did not realize at the time that apparently this takes a fair mount of ink to perform. I figure that if I continue printing at the same rate that by Feb. 1st I will be out of all ink again (including black) and will have printed about 800 pages total and 600 pages with ink I had purchased for ~ $100. Well that comes out to rate of ~ $.17/page. That 600 pages represents about 3 months of usage at my current rate. The instant ink plan allows 300 pages per month for $10/month. Under the $10/month – 300 page instant ink plan I would have spent no more than $40 and probably only $30 for the same amount of printing. It sounded like a “no brainer” so I have signed up.

    After I run out of my current ink, I will start the plan. I figure at least a 50% savings and possibly as much as 70%. Now I do not have to either order on line or go to store to buy ink. The convenience is worth something. Now I do not have to worry about how often I clean the print heads. After a few months, If I do not like the plan (I can monitor usage on the history log), I will change the plan or cancel. What is not to like….why do so many consider it a rip-off?? Of course HP wants to make money….that is their job. Of course, you cannot continue to use the unspent cartridges after you cancel……if HP this, there are many persons out in our current world who would order a set of cartridges for $3, $5, or $10 and cancel as soon as they received them. Amusingly, these same people would not consider this a “rip-off” or fraud.

    I am a little surprised that so many people quickly consider the HP instant ink program a bad deal, even though it seems most have not tried it or have not actually gone thru a test or trial period. I suggest people should keep track of their printing requirements and costs buying their own cartridges, and then rethink what the cost savings or difference would be if they signed up for instant ink. i am guessing many would be surprised. However, if you only print 4-5 pages per month, then odds are this plan is not going to save you money.

  29. Ive paid for well over a year and only ever received one cartridge at beginnig. I lost my card so payments stopped and now i cant use my printer that i have paid for with my ink that i have paid for untill i set up a new payment?! This has angered me so i phoned up to cancel and am told to get printer to work i now have to go out and buy another cartridge as the one that i have paid£24 that is still half full will not work unless i continue to pay them monthly. What a joke!

  30. i bought this a year ago… i chose the 50pgs and hardly print.. only print now and then.. my printer cost me £70. i hadn’t used it for about 4-5 months and was being charged £1.99 for the 50pgs.. which i was fine about. the day i needed to print it stopped working.. kept saying go on to the website some error.. the website was useless… rang them apparently i had a virus on my printer.. well i don’t understand how that’s possible when i haven’t been using it… apparently the wireless connect was linked to it..(the printer was completely shut down) i was told if i wanted the printer to work i would have to pay £160 to get the virus fixed which would be fixed “instantly”.. i told them i might as well get a new printer which cost £70… they said you will still get the problem later… i told them to do one and as i had warranty i went to currys and got a replacement… its working at the moment… BUT i think its all part of there scam!!!!

    i have got the 50pgs thing again and am planned on using my free trail and then exiting lol… see what happens then…

  31. Just cancelled HP instant ink with 1 week to go and now printer won’t work at all. Don’t like HP controlling my printer. It’s terrible. Supposedly should be able to use for the next week. It’s dreadful. Not advised about this when we signed up. Never again.

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