Five ways to improve your mobile phone battery life

Smartphones are not well known for having long battery life, and often might not last a day before needing a top up in power. We look at some easy ways to make your phone stay working longer.

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5 ways to improve your mobile phone battery life

  1. Run fewer apps in the background
    While you want to put the advanced features of your fancy smartphone to good use, do you really need Google Maps whirring away in the background while you’re not actually trying to find your way somewhere? Often keeping tabs on what is running on your phone and closing the apps you don’t need will extend your battery life, as well as help your phone run faster
  2. Disable push notifications or do less syncing
    Push notifications – where you get told of a new message as soon as it arrives – can be real battery sappers as apps and services have to keep checking for new updates. Turning these functions off in apps, or changing how often an app will check for new messages can stretch your battery considerably
  3. Turn off wi-fi, Bluetooth and GPS
    Wi-fi, Bluetooth and GPS are great features when you need them, but keeping them turned on when you are not using them will suck your battery of its valuable power
  4. Lower screen brightness
    Often shiny new smartphones come with the screen brightness set to maximum to make your new toy look as good as it possibly can. Lowering this can save you a fair bit of power, while reducing the screen time-out – how long the display remains lit up after you finish using it – can also save you some juice
  5. Use it less
    When it comes down to it, the more you use your phone the faster it will run out of battery. If you use it as an ebook reader while listening to music on your morning commute and then make calls on it during the day it’s unlikely to have the power for heavy use on the trip home. Be realistic about how much use you will get out of it before it will need recharging and don’t try and use it too much

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