Apple iPhone 4S is the best phone we’ve ever tested

The results are in and not only is the Apple iPhone 4S a Best Buy – it’s the best phone we have ever tested.

Scoring a mighty 85% the iPhone 4S beats the iPhone 4 to the top of the pile, plus – as Apple has now fixed the antenna issue that bugged the previous version – it also gets itself a Which? Best Buy award.

Our rigorous lab tests found that the updated camera performed brilliantly, scoring five stars for picture quality, ease of use, features and display quality. Video recording and playback also got top marks.

The iPhone 4S picked up maximum points for using the internet thanks to its improved battery life and also performed well as a phone as it’s so simple to use.

The only downside we could find was that the quality of the music player actually dropped between the iPhone 4 and the 4S – with the supplied headphones being of slightly lower quality than those bundled with the older model.

Despite this it is still a fantastic device – after all you can always replace the headphones – and that’s before you take into account the personal assistant feature Siri.

We were impressed with how well Siri works, although the lack of UK information does make it frustrating and we’re still not convinced how much people will use it in everyday life.

For the full rundown of the results head over to our Apple iPhone 4S review, or if you’re looking to buy the handset check out our advice guide to getting the best deal on the Apple iPhone 4S.

Still not convinced? Check out the Apple iPhone 4S alternatives.

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  1. Simply for the usability, and openness, I have never looked at an iPhone after getting my Samsung Galaxy S2, the simple tasks I couldn’t do on my iPhone at all(or atleast without jailbreaking) are done within minutes on my Galaxy S2

    1. It will be useful if you can specify what simple tasks you couldn’t do on an iPhone, especially when the iPhone is marketed as a smartphone with the most advanced mobile operating system.

  2. There is much more than that for Apple to win my trust. A friend tried to use the dictate option on 4s (dictate to make appointment) trying to impress me, and the thing failed to work after third attempt. Awaiting forthcoming releases and developments from Nokia and Samsung. Very happy with former impressive Nokia N900 on Maemo and great images from N8 on Symbian, which also makes great recordings.

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