BlackBerry Torch gets Which? Best Buy award

Our lab test results for RIM’s latest flagship handset the BlackBerry Torch are in and our review is live. Guess what? It’s a Best Buy.

The BlackBerry Torch features a slide-out Qwerty keyboard, 3.2″ touchscreen, 5Mp camera and all the business functionality that’s made BlackBerry a household (well, ‘officehold’) name.

Our reviewers were impressed with the Torch’s ease of use, improved operating system and impressive music player and web-browser.

So much so that the BlackBerry Torch managed to follow in the footsteps of the Curve 8520 and bag itself a Which? ‘Best Buy’ award (though only just).

Read our full review of the BlackBerry Torch right here and view all the best deals.

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  1. Please can you email me back at how much you charge for blackberry torches and what are the best deals you can get on this phone impiticula thank youuu x

    1. Hi, I have a sim free black berry torch. Which I am selling for £300 slightly used but in a great condition no porblems let me know if you are interested :))

  2. I’m looking to get a new phone soon as my contract’s nearly done and i can’t decide as to what phone to actually get. I can’t decide between a blackberry torch/bold or a HTC Desire Z. Can you please help me to solve this problem ? Thanks, it will be appreciated greatly.

    1. Two ways…..with desktop manager using sync for music, or simply finding the blackberry music folder via my computer (shown as a D:/ drive) and simply copy and paste. m

    1. eric ..I hope so !
      at the moment I have the 8520 ( I am due an upgrade in 6 weeks time and I am getting the BBTorch and I cannot wait !!) which is compatible with my Macbook – you just have to ensure you down load the desk top manger for Apples and not for PC
      hope this helps

  3. hi,
    my contract is nearly done and its ma b-day soon as well. i really want a blackberry torch, but i don’t know where to get them or how much they are. do you no where i can get a one that is either 10-15 pounds a month????but a black me back please if you do.thanks.

    1. Hi ChloBagssss – afraid you won’t get a free Torch handset for £15 a month. According to our deals comparisons, a £15 a month contract will you a handset for £280 with 50 mins and 200 texts a month. If you’re willing to pay more for the handset, obviously you’ll get more mins and texts.

      You can narrow down your search to black Blackberry Torches only by going here – – then filter the results first by colour (under ‘More options’), then type the mobile phone name into the text box.

      Hope you manage to get yourself a good deal, and Happy Birthday!

  4. Is it true that in order to get fully sync’d email with my work email server that I have to buy an additional software called Blackberry Enterprise Server and if so, how much will this cost? No one in O2 appears able to answer this question because they say it’s nothing to do with them…. it’s between the buyer of the Blackberry Torch and Blackberry!

    1. Regarding the Blackberry Enterprise Server. You wouldn’t buy a BES server as an individual, but the use of it would be provided for you by your company. So assuming that your company runs a BES server, you’d ask them to register your phone with it and then you’d start getting work emails sent through to your phone. If they haven’t set up a BES server, then it’s a very expensive piece of software to own and administrate. I hope that helps.

    2. Umm the above is not true… you can get BES Express for business for FREE as a direct download from the blackberry website. It’s free to use and run and the updates are free as well.

      It’s not the easiest of servers to setup but it can be done by a ‘competant’ it manager in a day or two. I have approximately 20 BB’s running on it using Exchange and it works a treat.

  5. My contract is up for renewal and not sure to go with a Blackberry or not – like the Torchand Bold – which is the best please ?

  6. My Blackberry Torch is the most unreliable phone I have owned.It has frozen twice on me and
    only started again after I removed the battery and re inserted it.
    Currently I cannot get a signal and have reverted back to my trustee Samsung, which has no
    signal problems.I now feel I need to carry two mobiles, Disappointing.

    1. I have a Blackbery torch and I don’t ever want another. After a year of no problems it started getting really hot and drained the battery in approx 4 hours, Iwas told my battery was old so I got a new one and it drained it. I took it to the shop and as I have insurance they sent it away, they then sent an email saying it had been sent on to experts, it took 3 weeks and I still don’t know what was wrong with it. A few weeks after I got it back it started again. I am sick of it and when my contract runs out I will be getting A Samsung Galaxy 3 when it comes out. No more Blackbery’s for me.

  7. I bought a torch for my son but it was too big and very nickable for school so I swapped it for a bold 9780 and although it claims to run the same, it doesn’t. All I know is my son watched top gear on bbc i player on the torch but can’t get anything like that because bbc i player is not supported although blackberry claim the software is the same. I also have a Pearl 3G and that’s supposed to run on 6. software but it doesn’t, and it doesn’t upgrade either. Any suggestions why specifically his Bold doesn’t work the same as the torch please?

    1. Hi Sue,

      The Bold 9780 should have the same BlackBerry 6 software that is featured on the Torch. If you continue to have problems it might be worth going back to the place where you bought it from and complaining there. You can also download a BBC iPlayer app free for BlackBerrys running the previous BlackBerry 5 software from. This app can be found in the BlackBerry App World store, although it will only let you watch programs when the phone is connected to a wi-fi network.

  8. had a blackberry torch for a month or 2 and all off a sudden its starting to go off then reboots itself and sometimes just stays off and wont turn on does any1 know how to solve this or whats best option i can do to try get it fixed ?

  9. i’ve got the bb curve 8520 at the moment and i’m due for an upgrade next month, i really like the look of the torch 9810 but also like the torch 9860 but not sure about the full touch bit.
    which one would you recommend?

  10. Hi Ruth,

    The battery life is supposed 33 hours on standby but I have had terrible problems with the battery life on mine, I’ve had my Torch 9860 for 2 1/2 weeks and I’m onto my 4th handset, my 2nd battery and they’ve even replaced the sim, every time I get about 5 hours on standby and then the phone dies. Such a shame as the phone itself is fantastic but this is apparently a known problem with version .465 but there isn’t an upgrade available yet. I hope this helps

  11. I upgraded to a Torch on Friday 13th of Jan 2012! Later that day the battery wouldnt charge at all. My local Vodaphone couldn’t replace either the battery nor the phone, so the upgrade was cancelled the next day.

    I was promised a call the next week, but have heard nothing yet. To top it all my Vodaphone account still shows an upgrade. A call to their call centre was fielded by someone with a limited grasp of the language and the problem!

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