iPhone 4S antenna – Is the death grip still an issue? [Video]

Shortly after the launch of the iPhone 4 a number of complaints surfaced about the so-called death grip: a simple manner of holding the phone that caused the reception strength to drop. Consequently, despite scoring an impressive 82% in our lab tests, Which? couldn’t award a Best Buy, however the issue seems to have been ironed out on the new iPhone 4S.

By admission of the issue, Apple offered bumper cases (pictured) to iPhone 4 owners, which made it harder for the phone to be held in such a way as to lose reception. The furore surrounding the affair was dubbed antennagate and our US friends at Consumer Reports famously couldn’t recommend the handset.

The new iPhone 4S, however, has a redesigned double antenna. As with the previous model the antenna is housed in the metal casing surround the iPhone, however it’s now much harder to hold in such a way to cause the reception levels to significantly drop. Furthermore, the phone automatically switches between the two antennas to find the best signal.

The Apple iPhone 4S is currently at our lab undergoing a full test. Watch this space for our full lab-based review.

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