Vodafone claims ‘best value’ data roaming

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Vodafone has launched what it claims to be the ‘best value’ EU data roaming plan on the market.

Vodafone Data Traveller – the details

The plan lets frequent travellers pay an additional £2 per day for 5Mb of data across all EU countries.

The teclo’s website says that this allowance is then boosted to 25Mb in the ‘countries you visit most often’. Though, unless we’re missing something, it doesn’t say how many countries can receive the boost.

After you use-up your allowance you’ll be charged £1 per additional Mb up to 5Mb, at which point you’ll be charged £5 per additional 5Mb.

By comparison, Orange currently charges customers £3 per Mb, while O2 charges £1.25 per Mb.

Vodafone used to offer customers 50Mb of European data roaming per day for £9.99.

Data roaming still too costly

‘We expect smartphone sales in Europe to grow from 32% to more than 70% by 2013,’ said Vodafone boss Vittoria Colao. ‘And we want to drive that growth with what we believe to be the best value market-leading roaming data package.’

Vodafone’s plan certainly looks like it’s the cheapest around, on a per Mb basis. But we wonder how useful the small data allowance will really be.

At 5Mb, the plan is clearly geared toward those who just want to check emails, which is fine for plain text, but a few image attachments later and you could easily run into additional charges. Also, if you’re smartphone’s data connection is left on, then you may eat into your allowance without even powering-up the display.

Our advice – for now – is to still steer clear of data roaming if it’s possible, turn-off your smartphone’s 3G access, and look for a wi-fi hotspot.

See our guide to using your mobile phone abroad for more details on international roaming.

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