What your smartphone says about you

Want to know what your smartphone says about you? Which? sticks its tongue firmly in its cheek for a totally unscientific iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Symbian personality guide.


Symbian^3 - clunky but familiar.

Nokia Symbian

As a Symbian smartphone user you’re a hardware person who first and foremost appreciates solid mobile phone craftsmanship.

Sure the Symbian operating system may be be a bit clunky and the Ovi Store a bit barren, but you’ve been using it so long that it doesn’t matter. What others perceive as bugs, you perceive as interesting quirks. What others perceive as a lack of support, you perceive as confidence in a job well done.

You’re also wary of outsiders and their strange ways. Afterall, you’ve had a relationship with Nokia for as long as you’ve used mobile phones. You don’t know enough about these newcomers with their ‘BlueBerries’ and ‘Robot phones’. It doesn’t matter how alluring they look, it’s always best to stick to what you know…

Android logo

Are Android fans control freaks?


Android users need to be in control at all times. The more options you have the better.

You don’t want four homescreens, you want seven homescreens.  You don’t want one ringtone, you want a different ringtone for every single contact in your address book. Menus? App icons? To hell with that, widgets provide you with instant information on everything from how many days are left until Halloween, to what the air temperature is in Omsk.

Normal wallpapers are for idiots. You want wallpapers that swirl, change according to the time of day, and play Pong.

Or maybe Android users just like waving all these fancy features in front of their iPhone-wielding friends….A case of control-freakery, or just insecurity?


BlackBerry Bold 9780

BlackBerry users are more nuanced than you may think

You may think BlackBerry users are exclusively business-focused, but scratch beneath the surface and you’ll find three SubBerries.

BusinessBerries: BlackBerries are synonymous with business and that’s exactly what you’re all about. You love the BlackBerry’s Qwerty keyboard because it lets you speed text phrases such as “paradigm shifts” and “leveraging assets”. You’re a workaholic and RIM’s push email service means you can easily ignore your spouse/children/dog when away from the office. People may think you’re a bit self-centered, but until they quantify that feeling, input it into an Excel doc, and email it to your BlackBerry, you won’t care.

TeenBerries: You and your friends are addicted to BBM and you spend so long using the Qwerty keyboard that you can now text faster than you can speak. Plus after Barack Obama announced he also uses a BlackBerry your parents have started taking you more seriously and let you stay out later.

ScaredBerries: You’re too scared to use a touch screen, but you’re also too scared to not buy a smartphone. A BlackBerry is a safe compromise. You’re a ScaredBerry.


iPhone 3G

What does your iPhone say about you? Nothing much...

If you bought an iPhone in 2007 you probably ate vegan food, sported a pair of thick rimmed glasses (which you may, or may not, have actually needed to wear) and wore skinny jeans – i.e. you were an Apple Fanboy/Fangirl.

These days though the iPhone, like its spiritual predecessor the iPod, has become a household name and the device is no longer associated with any particular fashion sub-culture, or dietary regime. It’s the smartphone for the masses.

Owning an iPhone in 2010 therefore says pretty much nothing about you, which is a big problem if you’re a skinny jean-wearing vegan graphic designer…

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4 replies

  1. Perhaps you want to explore the opinion that a lot of people with iPhones have no imagination and no intent to check out the competition. A large number of iPhone sales are word-of-mouth recommendations from one blond knows-little-about-tech to another. Far from being a ‘benchmark’ any more (Android does a lot of it better) its become the fashionable (or ‘common’) choice. Ford is a car for the masses. Does it make it better? No.

    And Nokia Symbian is dying off. I think it might have been better if you forgot Symbian and put Palm or the Symbians replacement – Windows Phone 7.

  2. I dont mean to be rude but Clearly the Person that wrote the section on Symbian has no Knowledge of how powerful this operating system actually is the things that are now being done by Android and the likes were being done by Symbian a decade ago…..

    1. Hi Caleb,

      I agree that Symbian was definitely first to really kick off the smartphone market and was first to do a lot of things, but our main complaint is that it hasn’t kept up the pace.

      It did do a lot of things that Android does a while ago, but Android has now surpassed it in lots of areas – mainly in user interface and apps.

      As an old Symbian user I’m a little sad to see it go but it really has struggled to keep up in recent years.

  3. A short bit of fun, and one guaranteed to inflame.

    I loved the Android description; it is so me. Never happy with the options available, I’ve change *ROMs* 20 times, the SD-card is now 64GB, I never charge and just switch batteries, and apps change daily. Of course I’m happy. Whatever I need is always to hand, or just a download away. Conversations are punctuated with “let me just check on that…”.

    Despite the natural iPhone versus Android hostility, I do think iPhone’s are just a tamer version; safer perhaps, simpler probably, less flexible for sure. What would I buy for my mum…an iPhone of course (or maybe Windows?). For me…Android, Android. You have me ‘bang to rights’ :)

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