32% of iPad owners don’t download apps

Note: Nielsen has since “revised” its figures on iPad app downloads. It turns out the 32% is more like 9%. The “revised” survey results can be found here. The original news story, based on Nielsen’s original statistics on iPad app downloads, is below.

Despite the wealth of applications on Apple’s App Store, a third of iPad owners have refused to download a single app, either paid or free, according to a recent survey.

Market trend analysts Nielsen quizzed around 5,000 tablet owners on their usage habits and found that 63% of iPad owners had paid for apps, 5% had only downloaded free apps, and a whopping 32% remain app-less.

32% of iPad owners don’t download apps

iPad app download trends chart, click to enlarge.

It’s an odd statistic given that apps are largely seen as the raison d’être for smartphones and tablets, immensely broadening their functionality.

Are these iPad users blissfully unaware of App Store? Or did they just get bored of the iPad after an hour or so of not being able to plug in a USB cable? Nielsen doesn’t go into details.

A few other interesting stats to come out of the survey:

  • 65% of iPad owners are male
  • 63% of are under the age of 35
  • 25% of users have incomes over $100k
  • 51% have a degree or higher.
  • 62% of the apps download are videogames

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  1. Probably the 32% are not computer savvy, that’s why they’ve got an iPad. They just want a simple tool to browse the web, do email and maybe type the odd document. Those apps are already there. Most people just want a computer be it PC, Mac or tablet to do those basic functions and no more. I’ve got neighbours and friends with £1000 laptops who don’t do anything but those basic applications but they were sold an expensive box believing that thats what is required! One day a manufacturer is going to come up with a simple tablet that will just do those basic functions – or could be pre-configured to do just that at a reasonable price – Nexus 7 maybe?

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