Best-value computer brands, as rated by you

Shop around for any computing product – be it a tablet, laptop, PC or printer – and you’ll find a huge variation in prices. Some tablets can be picked up for less than £100, while others will set you back more than five times that much. Similarly, budget laptop brands sell models for around £300, whereas the premium brand equivalent may be closer to £1,000.

Our lab tests don’t take price into consideration, so we can compare budget and premium models like-for-like – and tell you when cheaper models outscore the more expensive rivals. However, as part of our latest computing reliability survey, we also asked owners to rate brands for value-for-money.

Read all our latest reviews on tablets and laptops to find out which is best for you.

Best-value computer brands

Best-value brands

Samsung makes a couple of appearances and is the best-value computer brand for both tablets and printers. Apple also features twice, even though some of its products may be out reach for many budgets. Regardless of its dominance with the iPad and iPad mini, Apple doesn’t make the top three for tablets. Maybe owners simply think they are paying over the odds, but are happy to do so.

Medion is a lesser known brand that is highly rated by you for value-for-money. Its laptops and desktop PCs are relatively cheap and can be well specified – if you pick the right model.

Which? expert view – value-for-money is just the start

Lewis SkinnerGetting to grips with all the best-value computer brands is a great start when looking for a new model and helps when matching up brands to your budget.  However, you’ll also want to factor other details into your buying decision.

How easy is to use? How long with it last? What features does it have?

Often you’ll find more expensive models come with extra features, but if you’re not going to use them then what’s the point of paying for them. Do you really need a back-light on your laptop keyboard or a memory card reader on your printer?

For extensive product details and reliability and test lab scores, take a look at our expert reviews.

Lewis Skinner – Which? technology expert

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