How to download and apply the Tesco Hudl screen fix [video]

The troublesome Tesco Hudl screen has long been a topic of conversation here on the Which? Tech Daily blog. The problem, which has affected a number of Hudls, froze the bottom left hand corner of the tablet’s screen forcing owners to manually reset their device.

We heard from lots of you about this. And the message was always the same, you love your Hudls and are really disappointed by the screen issues.

Back in March, we spoke to Tesco who provided an interim solution. We have kept in contact with the supermarket giant and can now reveal that a permanent fix has been launched and is ready for action. The fix should solve your screen problems for good. Below we take you through how to download the update and apply the fix.

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How to fix a Tesco Hudl with a frozen screen – video

How to find the Tesco Hudl update

Your Hudl should automatically find the update and ask if you would like to download it. But if it doesn’t you should hit the Apps button, scroll to Settings, navigate down to About tablet (which is at the bottom of the settings menu) and then hit Hudl updates followed by Check now.

Your Hudl will then scan for updates. If there’s a new one available it’ll provide the following message:

There’s a new update waiting for your Hudl, containing the following: Upgrade to Hudl version 1.3.1. This upgrade brings you all of the latest and greatest Google app updates, plus a new option in your Hudl’s Display settings that lets users reset their touch screen to improve its responsiveness if required.

All you need to do is press Download. This will update your tablet with all the latest software and fixes including the screen fix. Once it’s all downloaded the Hudl will reboot. This process may take a few minutes, especially if you have a slow internet connection.

How to apply the Tesco Hudl fix

Downloading the update is not the end of the story. The update will have placed a new button in the tablet’s Display Settings which, once activated, should resolve your frozen Hudl woes.

To navigate to this start by pressing Apps, then scroll along to Settings, then Display. At the bottom of this menu is a new button that says Reset touch screen. Press it and then follow the instructions – you’ll be asked to lay the tablet flat, before pressing Reset screen. The process should take just a few seconds and should mean that you’re tablet’s freeze free from now on.

What to do if you still have Tesco Hudl problems

We’ve not experienced any issues with our Hudl since we applied the above fix. However, if you do, please tell us about any continuing Hudl trouble in the comments section below.

We were also able to speak to a Tesco representative who told us that Tesco will allow for a refund or exchange if customers are not happy with the fix. So again, please let us know if you have any issues on that front too.

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137 replies

  1. So satisfying to see Which? intervening at last and providing step by step procedure for unfreezing the Hudl screen. I took mine back for a refund as soon as I realised there were problems so now own a different tablet which is giving no trouble. Although I am not now an owner of the Hudl I am nevertheless very pleased to know that every one else is being looked after and that my favourite consumer magazine has come up trumps also. Good luck everyone with your Tesco tablets.

    1. Had start up problems at first because battery was not fully /properly charged up,fitted & fully charged new battery.Tab starts up, going to screen with Icons but no touch response,fitted new digitiser only to get to exactly the same result.

  2. I watched your video showing how to obtain the Frozen Screen fix for the Tesco Hudl with interest. I note that the Tesco Hudl frozen screen problem only appears to affect the bottom left hand area of the screen. I note also that the download instructions for the fix and how to activate the fix both appear to involve tapping drop down menu options in the bottom left hand area of the screen. How does this work if you are the owner of a Hudl with a frozen screen?

  3. Try turning your Hudl to portrait or even through 180 degrees to get to a responsive part of the screen.
    It was the whole screen freezing that was our problem. We had to turn the screen off and on to solve the problem for a short time. It now seems to have been solved by the recent update and following the screen reset (fingers crossed).

  4. Now isn’t that always the way. The answer is so obvious when it is pointed out to you and also for full screen freeze as well. Thanks David. I was putting off looking at the Hudl pending a fix coming out. Now it seems safe to go ahead.

  5. Thanks for this great fix. It was the one thing that spoilt using a Hudl. But why did Which have to tell Hudl users? Shouldn’t Tesco have been shouting it from the rooftops?

  6. Unfortunately this fix doesn’t work for me. I am experiencing the same problem but after boot I cannot get past the lock the screen is completely unresponsive to touch. I have already tried rotating the screen and pressing the power button to sleep and reawaken the device but nothing works. Does anyone know if an update can be pushed into device without any user interaction because no fix of the type described above is ever going to work for me? I am still covered by my guarantee (just) but i’d much rather just get it working again.

    1. Steph F’s problem is exactly the same as ours – screen is completely frozen (not just a portion). We can’t remove the screen lock. We’ve also rotated the hudl (it may respond eventually to this) but uh-uh, doesn’t work. So much for being a best buy tablet, it’s only 6 months old!

  7. our nephews hudl has totally frozen cant get it to respond at all . i take it that that tesco must give us a refund as they have sold faulty goods ?

  8. Hudl screen reset. I was very interested to read the Hudl now had a software update to cure a frozen screen problem. However without reading Which? how would one know about it, Microsoft at least has an auto update option system for its computers!
    I am on my second Hudl, the first purchased in October 2013 developed a lock up and would not charge, I left it with 1 hour still available and contacted Tesco help desk they agreed a replacement and my local Tesco removed all my data and gave me a new Hudl. Then after only 6 weeks use I have a pixel problem line about 1/4 inch from the central camera it shows a doted line from top to bottom screen, I live with it at present. I had wondered if the update would cure this but no. I look forward to the Hudl 2 in September!

  9. My Hudls both auto-updated to 1.3.1 the first time they were switched on, which is what I was expecting from reading other forum posts. However, this update alone did NOT resolve the frozen screen issue; I had to reset the screen also.This appears to have resolved the problem. But if it recurs, the Hudls will be going back for replacements.

  10. My Hudl froze up on me & wouldn’t switch off so I had to let the battery drain naturally. Now, every time I try to charge it & rectify the problem, the charge symbol appears with some dodgy pixels around it which are lit up & shouldn’t be. It then just settles on a blank black screen & doesn’t respond like it’s in some form of coma. As it won’t actually boot up, I’m not sure how to sort it out.
    Any advice would be appreciated :-)

  11. Yes, Same problem here, approx 1″ x 3″ up from bottom lefthand side will loose its Touch.
    All will be fine again after using new Touch Screen Reset in Settings; Then when testing by playing “Tower Raiders” after awhile Touch goes amiss and its back to Reset again.

    I am just wondering if some of the older Apps/Games are conflicting with the new 4.2 update.
    I have no such problem playing the same game on an older 4.0 & 4.1 tablet.
    Saying that it is a problem when you can’t input certain letters like an “A” without a Reset.

    Hudl is only a 1 week young, I am still messing with it to no avail, nice wee Tab.

  12. Well I bought a refurb 6 weeks(June 2014) ago and all it has done is lock up on the screen. Resets work for a few hours and then it does it again. Seeing as Tesco supposedly know about this issue, why are they sending out Refurbs with this exact issue? Tablet now gone back! I await a replacement.

  13. I did not have a frozen screen but I’m having problems with the sensitive top row of the keyboard, especially when entering passwords. I would like to have an alpha only keyboard with the option of switching to numerical and/or symbols at the touch of a button. This is my first tablet and I’m still a bit heavy fingered so I end up with some numbers when I am using the top row of the keyboard. This is irritating when I log into various websites and get the password wrong.

    I know there are loads of different keyboards compatible with Android but I would like o hear some recommendations from hudl users before I start installing. I’m not ready for swiping and am looking for a simple keyboard that will produce the letter on the key that I press.

  14. Huddle still freezes even after current app is downloaded, also screen will go into a memory loss state when you tap it you never know what size it will be , have to turn off and on to resume function, not a good device ,only use now for weather updates updates

  15. Hudl still freezes after update.
    Screen will not turn off if you press the off button. When my screen goes into freeze frame, I sometimes have to wait over 4 hours or more to get anything to work.
    My latest issues was on the 1st September when the screen froze and the only way out was to reset the tablet after 4 hours. Also the tablet heats up during this process as well, so when you come back to the tablet, the screen is frozen and the tablet is hot.
    Something not right here.

    Please advise?

  16. Whenever I put my Hudl on standby (Hit the button to dim the screen), it will reboot itself every time…it even does it when I’m in the middle of something. It can barely run an app without rebooting itself, I regret buying this poor excuse for a device. Not happy at all.

  17. My Hudl continues to have the same problems. The touch screen is still inadequate with regular freezing, unresponsiveness or glitches making the device unuseable. This is the third one I have received and I am now fed up of just receiving a replacement that also does not work. I would appreciate a hardware or software fix; otherwise I will again be taking my Hudl back but for a full refund. I will not be getting another. It has made me question using Tesco again.

    1. Mark R, Sorry to hear of your unfortunate experiences with your Hudl. You must be exceptionally tolerant to put up with two replacements and still have no workable or reliable tablet. My honest advice would be to get a full refund and get yourself a refurbished iPad 2 from the Apple Store on-line. I know it costs a bit more but it works and has done since the original iPad was introduced years ago and which every other tablet maker has tried to copy or emulate since! Before I bought a tablet I asked my son who is a self employed IT project manager for his opinion. He just happened to be in a meeting room with about 18 technical guys from his team and he poled their opinions on my behalf. Without exception they recommended I buy an iPad and I haven’t looked back. I’m 75 and I can’t be bothered with unreliable devices or gadgets. The iPad just works, updates itself and never gives me any problems. And no I don’t work for Apple I now just like their products. They cost a bit more but they work without hassle. The next thing to be replaced will be my Windows PC with a Mac Mini.

  18. Hello
    Hudl screen is blank! When we attach it to a TV via a cable the screen display is on the TV screen, the touch screen works fine via looking at it on the TV but the hudl screen remains blank. As a user of apple I know it is possible for the back light to go out on an iPad and of course you can purchase this part from eBay, follow a utube video and replace it yourself. With the hudl you can’t obtain parts! Any one have a fix for this?
    The reason we brought the hudl is because it can be monitored via a security app and by doing this our foster son is allowed to have one.

  19. Bought my hurdle today, battery fully charged however part of the right hand screen is strippy from top to bottom and have had to turn the screen to be able to select yes for update. What should I do?

  20. Bought my hudl today, battery fully charged however part of the right hand screen is strippy from top to bottom and have had to turn the screen to be able to select yes for update. What should I do?

  21. I cannot understand why people don’t look at the reviews before buying. Don’t waste you time Siobhan, take it back and get a refund. After you have read the previous comments from all unfortunate enough to buy a Hudl, you will realise why you must return it.

  22. My son’s Hudl has developed a problem with the screen. It goes blurry, as though it is showing two versions of whatever is on screen, slightly out of sync with each other. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

    1. Dear Lowdz
      I’m afraid you are justR one of many who have experienced problems with the Hudl. Most get a refund before or after repair. I honestly don’t know why Tesco have not made a total recall on the Hudl.
      Have you read all the above comments on it?
      I’m sorry you have become yet another victim to the Hudl saga and hope you don’t experience too much grief getting it sorted.

    1. Siobhan …. So you opted for replacement instead of refund afterall! Should you some time in the future begin to experience problems again I would be grateful if you could share with us the nature of the problem. Not that I am wishing any on you naturally.
      Kind regards

  23. Have had my Hudl for 11 months without any trouble until last night when the whole screen turned completely white and the icons disappeared. The touchscreen was unresponsive as was the on/off button so the screen stayed white until the battery had run down. Then this morning I recharged the hudl and it seems to be back to normal. I am worried that if this happens again it will not right itself and it will most likely be after the years guarantee has run out!! What should I do?

    1. Dear Annette
      Well, what I what do I your circumstances, after 11 months use, would be to talk to a Tesco
      IT employee. Ask his advice, then request a reference number linked to your complaint, so that you can still use your guarantee if the self same fault arose as the one which caused you to complain. I can’t see, as you reported that particular fault before the end of your guarantee period, that they would ignore it. Ask him/her to put it in writing for you – you can always print off an email.
      Good luck

  24. Like many Unfortunately this fix doesn’t work for me. I am experiencing the same problem but after boot I cannot get past the lock the screen is completely unresponsive to touch. I have already tried rotating the screen and pressing the power button to sleep and reawaken the device but nothing works. Does anyone know if an update can be pushed into device without any user interaction because no fix of the type described above is ever going to work for me?

  25. Hi, can anyone help me? I have bought a tesco hudl and the touch screen wont work. I see there is a down load that will fix it but how can I download it if my hudl screen wont work? Is there a way to download it without having to use the touch screen such as via a laptop?

    1. Lee, if it is faulty as soon as you buy it, you should return it to Tesco for a full refund. You can then decide if you really want to take a chance with another hudl or pay a little more for another brand.

      I have a hudl and it has worked fine since I bought it last December. I don’t really like it very much and use my Moto G when I’m out and about as I find the screen more receptive and I prefer to use a laptop indoors. I have to think about what I should buy as my present to myself this Christmas and I’m starting to be inquisitive about iPads and curious about the devotion of Apple product owners.

    2. Thanks for your reply. I bought the hudl for my 7 year old son as they are said to be good for children and I thought it was a fair price. But I have just been checking other tablets suitable for kids and the galaxy tab 3 kids looks like a good choice so I think I’l get a refund. I bought it off Tesco outlet on ebay so I’l prob end up paying for return, it was only delivered today and when I turned it on it says to press start but there is no response when I press it so I cant even set it up. I have a Surface RT myself and thats a good tablet if your’re looking for something new.

    3. Lee, if you bought the hudl for a really good price it may be worth your while phoning Tesco customer services and ask their hudl technicians if they can help you get your hudl working again. Hopefully, they will not refer you back to eBay..

  26. I applied the hudl screen fix a few months ago but the problem never went completely and is now getting worse again. The main problem is that the screen goes into double vision and then locks, not even allowing the tablet to be shut down.
    Can you help? My 8yr old son is distraught as he doesn’t understand why he can’t use it…

    1. Dear Andy
      I had decided not to answer any more queries about the Hudl as there have been so many but when I read that your 8 yr old son was upset I felt I must do so once more. Please read all the which prove the Hudl is a waste of space. I have a more expensive iPad but I know that my young nephew has great fun from the Galaxy 7 ipad which is cheaper than mine. Get a full refund Andy. Tesco won’t quibble because they have had so many complaints about it
      Better luck next time.

  27. I have updated and reset my screen and I am still have problems with it , contacted tesco who after many emails agreed to swap my hudl but would not refund me even though it says here that they will

    1. I sympathise with your predicament Sarah. By law they have to refund your money if it is not functioning as it should, but maybe there is a time limit. Perhaps you are now outside the refund period. When did you purchase it?

    1. Well that’s something! Why can’t they swop it for Hudl 2. If it still gives you grief I would stick by my guns and tell them it is not fit for the purpose it was sold for.

  28. Every time I ask why I can’t have a refund they just ignore the question, it’s like talking to a brick wall! I’d quite happily swap for a hudl 2, I still need a tablet, I just don’t trust the hudl 1 anymore!!

    1. Hello again. If it were me and it was still within its guarantee period I would ask for a refund – I know they are ignoring your emails, but keep them for proof and tell them that you will be enlisting the support of Which? because you feel you are within your rights to have a refund. Tell me, when they said they would repair it, did they mention anything about extending the guarantee?

  29. You have jogged my memory now. I remember reading a Which? Consumer Rights column where they said that your Rights under the Sale of Goods Act don’t automatically end after the manufacturers guarantee has expired. If this repair is not successful, go for a replacement or refund. If you get a refund, read the comment given by Wingco39 above regarding a refurbished ipad from the Apple Store on line.

  30. Hudl2 screen cracked after a fall .I called Tesco support and have been told there are no screens to fix this. Its 1 month old and now usless, if i would have been told this before buying i wouldnt have taken it. Screen damage is the most commom problem with tablets and it is stupid to sell a tablet that cannot be fixed

  31. Hi my hudl screen has frozen I cannot unlock the screen it does not respond touch at all . I have had it 8 months and no problems until now . I cannot even turn it off as the screen is not responding to touch . Please can someone help ?

  32. I am really confused and annoyed at the fact my screen has froze, I have reset it, left it for an hour reset it again and nothing works, the problem being because the screen has froze o cant do anything to fix it since I cant unlock it to go onto my apps or anything like that, I haven’t even had it a year and already this has happened, I am really hoping that the problem will resolve itself but if it doesn’t then I dont know what to do, I cant afford to get a new one this close to Christmas or even get it fixed, I dont know what to do anymore

  33. Lisa and Michelle. Please read the above comments. You can ring Tesco Technical team – ring any Tesco store and they will put you through to their team – and they will advise you. Good luck.

    1. I have read your previous artical, and my hudel updated 3 weeks ago but I don’t have this option in my settings, I had no problems before the update,
      It has taken 20 mins to write this queery so something is wrong !!

    1. Hi my hudl2 is a year old bere in mind that it’s only been used for six of them months as had to have the charging port replaced as it broke now it is turning off while I have charge in it and yes I’m using the charger that came with this hudl2 please dose anyone have the same problem or any help to why this is thankyou.

  34. We gave hudls to our two daughters yesterday. Both have problems in that the screen does not respond. The software is up to date but there is no additional button to calibrate the screen.

    I would rather not return them but may have no option us there does not seem any way now to reset the display

    1. Hi i had a similar problem with my brother printer using wifi. First make sure you have installed the app for your printer and the settings say it is the right printer. Then Instead of using the print option us share and send it to printer.

  35. My daughters hurl 2 when switched on or charging the screen opens up with a red and white striped screen I did a bit of research but no one has had this problem, to rectifiey the problem if this happens to yours is switch the hull of leave for about 30 secs then reboot and when you switch the hudl2 back on its loads as normal and when the screen opens up fully it’s gone even when it’s closed its self down after a short time when you touch the button to turn on again the red and white stripes have gone

    1. Nothing is showing up on my Hudl screen. I can hear that emails have arrived, by the signal, but the whole screen is blank.

  36. Iv followed instructions to download the app for the frozen screen but when I hit check, the app wasn’t there to download. Could anyone tell me what to do now? Thanks

  37. i can unlock the screen but that is all, it has froze and wont let me do anything, is there any way i can sort this as i cannot follow your video help above to get the app?



    1. Hi John i had a similar problem with my brother printer using wifi. First make sure you have installed the app for your printer and the settings say it is the right printer. Then Instead of using the print option us share and send it to printer.

  39. my hudl has frozen, i looked on the website and it say to reset by using a pin. i have done that the noise makes the hudl noise as it does when it starts up but the screen is still just black.
    any one plz

  40. Hi I’m trying for the first time to print off from my hudl 2 but it says my printer spoiler has stopped. I haven’t got a clue what this means or how I can put it right?

  41. I am experiencing problems with my hudl 1 it is extremely slow and lagging, I have downloaded apps to reduce the ram usage and deleted any cache larger apps have, what should I do?

  42. My Hudl is exactly 6 days old and it’s going back for a replacement and hopefully for their sake they don’t offer a graded on (repaired and can’t be sold as new).
    Not a problem with the bottom left part of the screen freezing the whole lot froze up. Starting from power off several times it too 4 attempts to un lock the screen each time turning off. Regular over the six days. Even a factory full reset never cured it it took three hits to get it to respond to the full reset. When it came back online starting with the ‘Hello lets get you started’ after factory reset even that took 3 hits before it responded to ‘Start’ touch button. that was the last straw so switch the bloody thing off and am now going to return it, If the replacement starts this I’ll get a rebate and save up for another type.

  43. I bought the hudl2 last week, switched it on,entered my internet address, then it aske if I had a google account so I entered that, then it came up that there was an update from Google to prevent viruses etc, I could not get anything else on the hudl so I had to click on “start download”. It goes so far then stops,then says retry, and I cannot get anything else on it. it will not go through the whole downloadload process,it stops and say check the internet connection. well, the internet is on at all times. Do I have to keep my hudl connected during this download? your help would be very much appreciated.

    1. Hi it sounds like your WiFi is turning itself off. When you start your hudl slide your finger down an inch from the top right to bring down options and click WiFi. Then click top right on 3 dots going down. Now on advanced then look to see what it says under keep WiFi on during sleep, if it says never, tap on it and change to I think always. Now when your tablet goes to sleep after a minute or so, WiFi stays on and download should continue.
      Hope that works.

    1. Hi either let the battery completely run down or try holding the power button down to force shutdown. Sounds like a crash, it happens sometimes even on phones.

  44. Downloaded new update to my Hudl2 ‘s no rest touch screen button appeared.
    Reason for update no response from stylus on screen, can use finger but that somewhat defeats the object

  45. I have a Hudl 1 the side buttons are working but i can do nothing with the screen, I can not turn it off or access anything via the screen all i can do is the volume. Please help anybody.

    1. Hi the hudl 1 has a reset button on the back. Use a paper clip to push and hold until it turns off. Then when it is off push and hold again until the hudl logo appears and let go(this should not lose your info like the hard reset does). If after restarting, the screen still does not work then unfortunately you will have to do a hard reset, sorry but you will lose your info. once reset check for update as there was a fix. To hard reset use the first method to turn off, restart by holding power button and volume up at the same time. Hope this helps

    1. Hi Eric. If it is new then the battery does last a while to start with. Try downloading an app that shows the battery state. If it does not show the same power then if you bought it new then take it back to the shop for a swap. Also have you checked for an update for it.

  46. My wife updated her hudl 2 yesterday.
    After update applied.
    It will no longer charge, turn on or allow factory reset.
    Just dead all round. They are collecting to repair on Thursday.
    Its about time they accepted there is a problem.
    Totally disappointed all round.

  47. Updated Hudl 2 2days ago now cannot open E mails. It says email has stopped working. They are coming in but can’t open. Also some games won’t connect to Facebook as before.

  48. Updated Hudl 2days ago now cannot open E mails. It says email has stopped working. They are coming in but can’t open. Also some games won’t connect to Facebook as before. Help.

    1. Hi Carole.
      You haven’t said which email doesn’t work. Gmail or msn for example, or all.
      A couple of things for you to try.
      Open settings then apps and slide accross to all.
      Scroll up until you find “email” (msn or other) now tap it and tap clear cache and data.
      Scroll up until you find “Gmail” (google) now tap it and tap clear cache and data.
      If that doesn’t work then you could try removing exchange and google from accounts in settings, then restart and add them again.(remember passwords etc).
      Hope it works.

  49. Have to say I’m not at all impressed with the latest update!! It’s changed so much on my hudl its seems so much slower to respond, but the worse thing is 2 of the games I’d been playing on it for ages now I can’t play as the screen flickers constantly making it impossible!!! It’s taken ages to get to the levels I was on and know iv had to uninstall the games as no way to play them. I was really happy with my hudl the way it was and wish they had left it alone I had no need of any update that changed everything I loved about my hudl, its now slow, unresponsive, I have to try and work out how to do or find things that previously I had no problem doing or finding… Big THUMBS down for the update wishing I could uninstall the update!!!

    1. Hi Linda.
      You might have to try disabling HW overlays under the developers options(tap seven times to activate). Don’t change anything else.

    1. Hi Dave.
      Try the reply to Carole or you could first try uninstalling the google play app first.
      Put a reply saying if any, the one that worked so other people can follow it.
      Lots of people are having issues since the update, i seem to be one of the lucky ones.
      Good luck and don’t forget to let us all know ok.

  50. Hi,

    I have a Tesco Hudl 1 with the following issue:
    Black screen but the tablet is on. Tablet is working but no display. Screen is responsive as is the hardware buttons on the side. HDMI out works (that’s how I know that the screen touch works) so I can use the tablet to check settings or install updates if anybody has a fix.

    Thanks for the help.

  51. The latest Hudl2 update has ruined my tablet experience. It now crashes, the screen freezes and I’ve lost many hours of game play as I’ve had to uninstall and reinstall various games. Holding down the on/off buttons is such a bore as you have to get it just right. Why did they need to update?

  52. I can’t use a stylus with my hudl 2. Have tried the fix but the reset screen button does not appear in settings even though my hudl is supposedly up to date. I thought this tablet was good value for under £100 but now I’m having doubts.

    1. Hi Roberta.
      Does it work when using your finger?
      Is your stylus a thin tipped one? If it is then it might be the fact that the hudl 2 has a large finger touch area. See if you can find a stylus that has a larger tip and try that.

  53. I have 2 Hudls. I can stream to tv via hdmi with 1, but not with 2nd one. Have read on internet that Tesco have a software fix for this. How do I access this please.

    1. Hi Jo.
      The fix they are on about is an update so your hudl should allready have it, check for an update with it fully charged, settings>about tablet>hudl updates and check now.
      Couple of things to try, plug in your hudl that works until you have a good screen copy. Now just unplug the hudl but leave the cable attached to the tv and plug in the hudl that never worked properly. Now if there is no hudl screen.
      1. Try turning the tv off (not stand by) then back on again without unplugging anything.
      2. Plug the charge cable in while it is all still connected (sometimes not enough power is available to the HDMI)
      3. Have a look at the hdmi settings to see if the writing is grey, if yes then unplug and replug HDMI cable into hudl, try also putting a bit of pessure under then on top of the connector and hold still for a couple of secs. If it stays grey then hudl micro HDMI connector could be faulty (time to return for replacement sorry).
      4. If doing no 3. The settings go black instead of grey look at each of the settings(you might find it easier to look at settings of the working hudl first) sometimes you need to have the mode setting at a lower display setting.
      Hope you get it working, otherwise it is a return job sorry

  54. I updated my Hudl Fri 13th and since then have been having problems. The update took forever. I had no problems with it before the update. I started to watch a show and when I put the head phones in, the picture went and now the screen is black and I cannot get to any controls. I cannot turn it off or on.

  55. My Hudl crashed today for the first time – screen froze. Tried the re-set (pin at back)…still nothing – wouldn’t un-lock. The touchscreen is completely un-responsive.

    Let the battery run down to empty and re-charged. Still no change.

    Performed a Factory re-set (using the switch on holding power and volume up button) and wiped all my data (RELUCTANTLY – didn’t want to lose everything!!!)

    Now, I have the ‘Get started’ screen stuck on there – screen is totally unresponsive to touch.


  56. Had to get Tesco to replace my daughters hudl2 twice last year due to problem with charging port. This Hudl is 4 months old and the screen shattered as it was lying on a flat surface charging. The cracking emanates from beside the charge port (is that where the battery is?). Spoke to 3 people at Hudl/Tesco who tell me that we have caused ‘accidental damage’ (ie they are telling me that I am lying) and they wont do anything about it. They suggest I get an independent report if I want to contest their decision or pay £59 for a replacement screen. Since this infuriating call I have been online and discovered that many, many people have the same problem and the same response from Tesco/Hudl tech support. Apparently their engineer can tell that the Hudl was dropped just from looking at the photograph. Further the woman in customer support denied there was a problem with the Hudl, denied that it was no longer on sale and repeatedly said that new stock would be coming in to the stores. A reading of the technical press reveals that to be nonsense. Why are Tesco so determined to lie to us and waste our money? Is there no-one outside their organisation to whom I can complain.

    1. Reset of touch screen on my hudle, wet to display but nothing that says reset touchscreen ??? What options do I have. When sending a message to reply on Facebook and I normally press arrow key, this just moves down a line ?? Other problem when trying to listen to live audio after pressing my sport location I get no response, but when watching a race I have paid to watch I can listen to it no problem

  57. I have reset the screen but still have trouble.
    The touch mechanism does not work properly. I have to hit the screen very hard several times to get any reaction, and then often it still does not work. The display changes unpredictably.

  58. My hudl 2 HAS stopped working, it to my even switch on, let aloan I can’t even do’s the second hudle 2 I got, and had issues with both… Am very fed up..

  59. I bought two hudl 2s. The partners worked, but mine is rubbish, paid cash, so tesco won’t do anything without receipt. They are called tesco hudls? I know who Served me, the accessories I got, but crap service. Didn’t want money back, a swap would have done! Never used tesco since, so their loss.

    1. You don’t need a receipt, only proof of purchase. This can be a witness who was there when you bought it. Say you are rejecting exercising your rights under the sale of goods act it as not fit for purpose and insist on a refund. If the checkout staff refuse, ask for the store manager

  60. Recently had hudl 2 returned after being repaired,couldnt turn it on, anyway went to use and noticed there is a crack right across the screen & now can’t use it at all, I know tablet hasn’t been dropped ,or anything hasn’t been dropped on to it .What can I do ?

  61. Got Hudl 2 as a birthday present in June 2015. Yesterday the screen went funny. All images ghosting and faint and flickering. It works but not without giving me a migrane. All is up to date but since Android updated to Lollipop it’s been very slow and buggie which I also experienced with my phone. I am going to find the receipt to see if Tesco will help but the screen is knackered. 1 year. What a con. Have been so careful with it as read so much about cracking screens. It’s not in a rubber case but I invested in a good leather Hudl case in the hope of it lasting. Will update you with any news.


    1. Hi S Bale.
      Question, do you the receipts?
      If yes demand a refund stating it is not fit for purpose as it is the third one.
      I realise they no longer sell them but everytime you have been given another one the warranty should reset.
      They may well say we cant give you a refund however they can offer you another tablet of similar value or give you a credit note. Dont be fobbed off mate. Good luck and sorry so many people have had problems as i seem to be a lucky one with no problems at all.

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