Melting point – Tesco Hudl to get frozen screen fix

**Frozen Hudl update**

We have now posted a step-by-step guide to downloading and applying the official Tesco fix for Hudls suffering from this frozen screen fault. Please click the link above for details.

Earlier in the year we received reports from members complaining of issues to do with the screen freezing on the popular Tesco Hudl tablet.

We decided to investigate and find out what exactly Tesco was doing to remedy the situation. And, although the problem still hasn’t been fixed, owners should be at least a little happier to find out that there is hope just around the corner.

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Tesco Hudl owners frozen out

When we originally spoke to Tesco in March, the grocery giant said it would release a fix for Hudl owners suffering from a frozen screen within five weeks. The fix would stop the bottom left quarter of the screen from freezing, thereby rendering the tablet fully functional once more.

However, having exceeded that time period without any announcement, we and a number of our members were beginning to think that a Hudl fix may have been abandoned:

I am one of the many who really like the Hudl and don’t want to exchange it or get a refund if a fix is really on the way. But we are becoming increasingly frustrated by Tesco’s lack of action and lack of communication with its customers.
John Ellison, Hudl owner

Tesco shortly to release a fix

Happily, for those in a similar situation to John, it does now appear that there’s light at the end of the tunnel. We contacted Tesco again this week who assured us that it had developed a fix that is currently going through Google’s certification process before being released ‘within a maximum of three weeks’.

When asked what Hudl owners should do now, Tesco said:

We expect all Hudl owners to have received the update within a maximum of three weeks. If customers have any questions or experience difficulties, they should call our Tech Support team on 0800 323 4060 or visit the tech department in their local store.
Tesco spokesperson

Have you been affected by the Hudl muddle?

If you’ve experienced this problem we want to hear from you. Post your comments below to let us know when you receive the fix, how you were alerted to the update and whether it worked.

We will also update this post when the fix is released to tell you exactly how to apply it so that you can thaw your frozen Hudl for good.

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51 replies

  1. Having read and heard good reports on the Hudl I bought one for my technophobe husband for his birthday. When I was setting it up the screen froze every time I pressed the ‘A’ on the keyboard. Tesco were very helpful and replaced the Hudl when I contacted them

  2. I find that when the L.H. quadrant of my Hudl screen freezes I turn it upside down or on end and move the problem to the other end. Occasionally I have to rotate it one quarter of a turn at a time for a while untill the problem goes away. This of course may not work for every Hudl.
    My son in law who is a programmer/analyst has heard down the I.T. grapevine that the leather case may be responsible and if the Hudl is normally kept in one, it should be removed and re-booted. I haven’t had to try this yet. Good luck, Mike

  3. The problem is down to a calibration error on the screen when the tablet is activated. If you touch it using anything like your hand or a case during this process then it has an effect on the calibration.

    This is why the screen seems to come back to life when you press the sleep button and then reactivate without touching the screen.

    This type of calibration error happens a lot with tablets at the cheaper end of the market which is a good reason to buy a tablet with good after-market support.

    Hopefully Tesco will release the fix soon and put to bed these problems with Hudl which is actually a pretty good unit.

  4. I have to try switching it on without touching the screen now. I’ve always had this problem on and off with the HUDL and my wife hates using it. Maybe she holds it differently when switching it on.

  5. Happens when using the left hand side of the tablet esp. with the keyboard, often takes a reboot to fix – Tesco have been promising a fix for a long time now but seem happy to swop the tablet friends have said but this then requires applying all apps again as well as customising, glad you are on the case as a fix is long overdue!

  6. Bought the Hudl early in March and,apart from the screen freezing problem I am very satisfied.Freezing problem resolved temporarily by switching off and then back on but having to re-enter password each time is more than annoying.Waiting with baited breath to see if the fix ( when it eventually arrives) actually works.Otherwise Tesco will have to exchange for me.

  7. Also suffering this problem, have contacted Tesco helpline several times, with result of two methods of resetting, best one is to use the pinhole on the back method, which does not reset to factory default. Still awaiting promised update from Tesco !!

  8. I too have experienced the freeze. It is an inconvenience but I just hit the on/off switch and it takes me back to exactly to where I was previously. A ‘Fix’ would be helpful.

  9. Bought Christmas 2013.Still awaiting the update, Tesco helpdesk suggested using a bent paperclip in the reset hole on the back, this does work and saves having to do a ” Factory Reset” which wipes everything, so you have to set it up from square one !!
    Tesco say that I can exchange it for a replacement, but that will still have the same problem!!
    I like it a lot, but will be happier when the fix finally appears!!

  10. We bought two hudls a few days ago, using the clubcard boost offer. The one my partner has been using has been fine, the one I’ve been using had to be taken back on the first day, as the whole screen was frozen and I was not even able to set it up. The assistant in Tesco did the pin reset and got the screen working, however, after using it for a couple of days, the same hudl has the lower left screen quadrant problem, with it becoming unresponsive intermittently. By using a painting app, I can clearly see the rectangular area of the screen which stops working, by ‘painting’ over the whole screen – that area stays blank.
    I was going to return it again today but since reading this, I will wait for the update and see if it solves the problem. If not, I’ll be returning it for a refund.

  11. I bought my Hudl 31/01/2014. My first problem was a freezing on the keyboard on letters qweaszx. The next problem was a failure on the sound out on Skype. I took it to Tesco Woolwich on 07/05/2014 and they arranged a replacement delivered to my home 08/05/2014. This worked well and the picture quality has also improved significantly with much better loading of the android programme.

  12. I had my first Hudl and had the screen freezing issue, happened everytime I used it after a couple of minutes. I now have a replacement, seemingly no screen freezing issue BUT… I now have a HDMI port that doesnt work. It did on my last Hudl but not on this. How these issue can be software I don’t know? If the same software is installed on the same product why are is it displaying different problems? They have been promising an update since January, two week they said… we are now mid May. If you havent got one and are thinking of getting one, I really wouldn’t. Pretty much all od#f them seem to be faulty. On forums people have had to get three or four replacements before they find one that works. That equates to 75% of the stock being faulty.

  13. I have had my hudl since February and me just this evening it has decided that preventing me from unlocking it would be a fabulous idea. Not being able to drive and having a 2year old it isn’t easy to get to my local Tesco, to get it fixed or replaced, thanks for nothing tesco

  14. I bought my Hudl in December and had the problem since new,the local Tesco reset the tablet, it has been rest about twenty timese since. I still have the problem and I also find that the screen also enlarges and will not go back to normal without being switched off.

  15. I,m having the same problem with the hudl I bought for my sister. I thought it was just her mishandling or lack of technology knowhow but I,m having the same problems. Tesco have not been much help to her claiming her WiFi router was the problem! However at 75 it,s not easy for her to keep putting it off and on to play a game or send an email. I bought this for her on Which,s recommendation so I am very unhappy.

  16. Go Settings, (you can access this by swiping down on top tight of screen) then at the bottom ‘About Tablet’, then at the top go ‘Hudl Updates’ – Then ‘Check Now’ at the bottom of the screen & follow prompts – The update is around 128 Meg so could take a while if you are on a slow connection – The tablet will re-boot & takes around 5 mins to apply update.

  17. When I check for an update, mine’s saying “Your hudl is up to date”, yet it still has the problems and I have not updated it since buying it last week.

  18. I got this hudl bought for me in october 2013 , i was impressed with it untill a couple of months ago its started freezing on me , its that bad its when everytime i search for something, or when im typing it just wont do anything then a message pops up that says google s not responding and do i want to wait or cancel , every bloody day s the same it works for ten minuets then stops its throu out the day constantly , its took me an hour typing this message as im on my hudl i delibratly wanted to see how long this would take for me to send and how long the typing ,its so slow that i am typing before it even shows up its been like this for a couple of months now . My patients wearing thin on this , i might do the talk to google and search just to see if there is a delay from the typing thats making this happen ::-( i have noot recieved any thing about tesco update fix yet tried update in settings but it said already updated

    1. Have you taken your hudl into a Tesco that specialises in technology.they solved the problem with a next day machine swap at home. Dave R

  19. Yes, got the same frozen or over sensitive screen problems after a few minutes of use and the intermittent HDMI problem since I bought it around the New Year. I have to either switch it off or reset it everytime I use it for more than five minutes.
    Tesco have promise the software fix for months so when I saw this thread I checked for the update in settings, this shows the Hudl is up to date from the 3rd January 2014 with no further updates since, despite checking again today…!

  20. Good to hear there fixing the frozen screen issue, about time i say but there’s another common fault on the hudl and that is with the HDMI to TV. I hope there be sorting that at the same time or i’ll be taking mine back. Then wait til the hudl 2 comes out with the refund money.

  21. Contacted Hudl customer support yesterday who immediately offered a replacement for the freezing or over sensitive screen problems. However when I mentioned the HDMI problem they didn’t want to log that down and said that it was likely software issue and that a fix will be available soon!
    So from that brief conversation, I would take it that the screen problems are hardware related and that the intermittent HDMI is software related or is it just more bull…?

  22. For her birthday this year, I bought my wife a Hudl. All was going well until I managed, as I thought, done something wrong when the Hudl froze. Although not an expert I am quite experienced with computers and could not understand as to what I had done when a few days later, it froze again. The Hudl come very close to becoming airborne. Fortunately, it has frozen whilst in the novice hands of my wife. We look forward to having an “unfreezable” Hudl.

  23. I got my Hudl last Christmas and I really love the machine. I am often away from home and the Hudl means I don’t need to take my laptop on my travels since the Hudl does everything I need it to do. Or so I thought! The freezing of the bottom left of the keyboard happened from day one and occurs on every occasion I use the machine. I persevered for more than 3 months until I eventually took it back to Tesco. I was told to do a reset and that there was a software update available on the tab “about Hudl”. Needless to say this was not true and the problem persists every time I use the machine. I seldom use it now for that reason and was planning to return it for a refund when I came across your report on this issue. I will hold off for the software solution but I have had no communication from Tesco at all.

    Bill Smith

  24. Just got the 3.1.3 update which I was advised by Tesco support would sort my screen freezing issues. I’ve reset the touchscreen in the display tab, but I don’t know if I’m supposed to do anything else. Any thoughts? Also, I took this option rather than a replacement and was advised if it didn’t work, then I was still eligible for an exchange, just in case anyone else was wondering.

  25. I got the update today. At first I had an issue where it would type double letters but after resetting the touchscreen in display settings, it seems OK. I browsed for about an hour which would normally have required 2 or 3 rounds of switching the screen off and on again.

  26. bought the hudl in February and besides freezing the charger won’t stay in to charge. after a telephone call I took it back early June and got a replacement..took 5 hours to put everything back on it so wasn’t happy. the new one still freezes up to 3 times a day sometimes more even when listening to music and now it has the charger fault again. the charger unit is so wobbly it won’t stay in. I had to buy a 32 gig memory card to back everything up so I may take this back and try for a refund. I have tried the calibration several times in the display of the settings but this hasn’t worked. I am not happy about this as I use it all the time, gym, diary for diet, exercise, games and keeping in touch with family. also I spent money on their headphones and cases but they were rubbish too the earphones kept cutting out and the case was making it sweat.

  27. Have a Hudl bought late June on which the screen has frozen 3 times in the last 4 days. Tesco won’t issue a new replacement or refund (didn’t mention to me a fix was available), just offered a Grade A refurb. Can they do this or can I insist on a new one or refund? Any help gratefully rec’d.

    1. Thanks Tim. No I haven’t as I did not know about the updatet until I Googled `Hudl screen problems’. I’m not tech savvy, is it easy to do? If it doesn’t work, then what?

  28. A few more fiascos like the Hudl “best buy” ! and I shall be cancelling my subscription.

    Are you sure the lab that does your electronics testing is actually doing any testing?

  29. Hil, I don’t have my Hudl handy but the “Update” option is either amongst the main icons or in the settings menu, I can’t remember which. It’s very easy to do as long as you have a good wi-fi connection and plenty of charge. It worked for me but if it doesn’t, you need to badger Tesco for a refund or a replacement that does work.

    1. Thanks Tim. Following the screen problem the battery wouldn’t charge so I have now accepted a refurb but with reservations that if a fault occurs I will insist on a refund or new replacement. (Tesco won’t even let me pay the extra to upgrade to Hudl 2-I am not impressed)

  30. When I took my hudl back after a month due to freezing & loose charging connections I got a replacement, however the replacement kept freezing even more even after updates & the touch bit in the settings. Then I needed to use the microphone & it didn’t work! So I gave up & hubby bought me a Asus google nexus 7 tablet & it is brilliant. I even recorded him in the garden playing with our granddaughter from inside the house & it even picked up the sound! Will never buy any hudl again. They even said that cordless blue tooth headsets do not work & tried to sell me a £60 pair of wired ones!. Tesco don’t know jack, don’t help & simply are expensive! I am happy with my tablet now and haven’t had 1 simple problem with it.

  31. hi there my hudl has frozen since saturday the 15th november 2014 it will come on but it wont unlock i have tried to reset it , still hasnt worked. this is the second hudl i have got now . what should i do please help

    1. I accepted, under duress, a Grade A refurb in place of the original but stated at the time that, if the second one was faulty, I would expect a full refund or I would take them to the small claims court. Guess what? The second one was faulty-frozen screen and no response when tapping on some icons. Today, I rang Tesco who, without quibble, offered a full refund. As I bought my Hudl with boost vouchers, they have credited my Tesco clubcard account with the full amount which included for a cover and in-car charger. So, if you are unhappy, demand a refund.

  32. Which? is more to blame for praising this junk to high heaven after a hugely incompetent testing, than Tesco are for selling it. But Tesco had better stick to baked beans from now on and not venture into areas they know nothing about.

  33. I was given a brand new Hudl 2 about three weeks ago and have had the screen freeze problem happen quite a few times already. Having looked this up on the net I discovered tesco had apparently released a fix. Thinking my tablet obviously needed this fix update I followed the instructions to check for updates…. only for it to tell me it is up to date! So either the update has never come thru to my laptop or the fix didn’t fix!! Another problem I’ve experienced a few times is the tablet won’t turn on, so I have had to do the reset each time. So, it seems I’m stuck with these two problems

  34. Lynn, the original Hudl is being discussed here, the fix won’t help you with a Hudl 2. If the Hudl 2 is also freezing, I would suggest returning it, otherwise you have to wait for a fix which may never happen.

  35. My wife has a hudl that was free with the sun been good but now the whole screen has frozen you cannot even switch it off.
    Read about downloading a fix but as we cannot get anything to work it doesn’t help.
    Can anyone help.
    The screen shows the wallpaper and the following
    Power off. Aeroplane mode. Silent mode.
    Been frozen for hours.

  36. I bought a Hudl 2 about 3 weeks ago and the screen froze on this one also. I downloaded the updates but the problem was still there. As I was extremely frustrated with the thing, I contacted Tesco helpline who suggested it may be due to a faulty screen protector (!). I was advised to remove the protector and try again. Still the screen froze, so I said I was fed up with Hudls, didn’t want a replacement and was given a full refund as it was within 2 weeks of purchase.
    I will take my son’s advice and buy a Samsung or Nexus.

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