Razer Project Fiona – a Windows 8 PC gaming tablet

Razer Project Fiona – what is it?

The Project Fiona tablet, a working title, is a PC gaming tablet running Windows 8. It’s got a 10.1-inch screen and will likely run on Intel Core i5 or i7 processors. It’s designed so that you can play full PC games on the move with good quality graphics.

Razer Project Fiona – Andy’s first impressions

Project Fiona, as the name suggests, is more a concept than a complete product right now. But Razer says it’s quite serious about releasing it, quoting a $1,000 (£~650) target price. It’s also suggested that the tablet will run an Android layer as well, for low-power use.

One of the two handles

The concept of Project Fiona is interesting, and the hardware is lot more impressive than you might think. Yes, it’s quite bulky, but with two large prongs to hold it’s actually quite comfortable. The bigger challenge is the heat – admittedly the unit we tried had probably been running a while, but it was very warm to the touch.

Another challenge will surely be battery life. It seems inconceivable Razer will be able to eek out much more than a few hours of game time given the size constraints and power needed to run games.

An interesting concept, then, but one that has some pretty large hurdles to navigate. And with mobile graphics improving at a rapid rate, does the world really need full PC games on a tablet?

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