Sony Xperia Tablet S – the tablet that’s easy to share [IFA 2012]

Sony Xperia Tablet S – what is it?

This is Sony’s latest attempt to break into the lucrative tablet market. It runs Android – Google’s popular phone and tablet operating system — has a 9.4-inch screen, and a few interesting innovations to set it apart from its competition.

See Tablets at IFA 2012 for more info on tablet launched that IFA technology show in Berlin.

Below are first impressions based on a short time with the product, not a full review. Read our tablet reviews for full reviews of the latest tablets and to see which have the best battery life, clearest screens and best apps. Read about how we test tablets for an in-depth breakdown of all our tablet tests.

Sony Xperia Tablet S – Andy’s first impressions

At its heart the Xperia Tablet S, Sony’s second tablet after the Tablet S last year, is unremarkable. It’s got a 9.4-inch screen – it looks great, but it’s hardly alone in that – and nips along at a brisk pace.

But it does have a couple of interesting features. One is a guest mode, which means you can share your tablet with other people without fear of them poking around your email and generally making a mess. You can setup profiles, select what apps are available, and choose between limited and unlimited settings – it’s a great feature for sharing your tablet with children.

Sony’s also taken a page out of Microsoft’s book with an optional keyboard case. It’s pleasant enough to type on, but the main advantage is you can see the whole screen when using it rather than it being partially obscured by the on-screen keyboard.

It’s a thinner tablet than last year’s, though it’s still got a textured section for grabbing hold of. But if there’s one chink in the armour it’s that it still feels flimsy and plasticky compared to the iPad, Asus Eee Pad Transformers and Google Nexus 7s of this world. It’s a difficult thing to overlook.

Sony Xperia Tablet S – when can I buy it?

It’s going on sale in the UK around 20-21 September. The 16GB version costs £329 and the 32GB £379.

For more information about products at IFA from Sony, head over to our Sony at IFA 2012 page.

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2 replies

  1. A full blown SD memory card slot on a tablet – about time too. This will make tablets much more appealing to those who want to simply view their latest photos.

  2. So users in guest mode… do they have their own ‘clean slate’ apps that they can use with their own save state?
    And do they each share the same Google Play account -ie. just one app purchase necessary for all users on the one device? (ie. is it similar to PS3 multiple accounts?)

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