Tesco Hudl vs Advent Vega Tegra Note – which budget tablet is best? [video]

If Christmas came and went without your receiving a tablet-shaped present then fear not. The tablet market is looking better than ever in 2014 and two of the most sought-after budget models are Tesco’s Hudl and the Advent Vega Tegra Note. Both 7-inch devices are priced at £130 or less and offer impressive specifications for the money.

To find out which tablet is more worthy of your hard-earned cash, we compared their design and three key features. Read on for our Tesco Hudl vs Advent Vega Tegra Note comparison.

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Tesco Hudl vs Advent Vega Tegra Note – video

Tesco Hudl vs Advent Vega Tegra Note – design

To be frank, neither of these tablets is particularly handsome. Both are made of plastic and betray their budget-friendly ambitions on first sight. Borrowing from Nokia’s Lumia school of simple, colourful design, the Tesco Hudl is a slightly more attractive tablet – although it does weigh a substantial 370g.

The Advent Vega Tegra Note is lighter at 320g and offers a more functional design aesthetic, with a grilled bezel and dimpled posterior. As one Which? staffer described it, ‘It’s not terrible, just terribly uninspiring’. If, however, inspiration does happen to strike while using the Tegra Note, there’s a handy stylus tucked into its bottom corner for doodling or note-taking.

Tesco Hudl vs Advent Vega Tegra Note – three key features


Powered by Android – both tablets run on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, not the more recent Android 4.4 KitKat you’ll find in Google’s Nexus 7. Mercifully, neither manufacturer has added their own skin onto their tablets’ operating system so they’re simple to use and largely free from bloatware – the Hudl does come preloaded with Tesco apps to check your Clubcard points and shop online, but they’re easy to ignore.

The Tegra Note is the fastest – the Tegra Note is made by Nvidia, a technology brand that’s most famous for its graphics processors. Not surprisingly, its 1.9GHz quad-core processor is blisteringly quick, especially when running graphically intensive apps such as 3D games. The Hudl’s 1.5GHz quad-core chip is still pretty nippy, but it is noticeably slower than the Tegra Note when multitasking.

Tesco’s Hudl has a better screen – if there’s one thing lacking from the Tegra Note, it’s a good screen. Its 1280×800-pixel display is adequate but lacks clarity when playing video. The Hudl’s 1440×900 touchscreen is sharper, although still not a patch on Apple’s Retina display technology.

Which? expert verdict – ‘if you’re not a gamer, save £11 with the Hudl’

Rob Leedham profile imageBoth these tablets are excellent for the money, and it’s great to see such good products available at such low price points. Which is best for you will largely depend on what you want to do with it – you’ll only really notice the Tegra Note’s better processor if you’re an avid gamer, graphic designer, or tend to do a lot of things at once, like playing music while browsing the web, firing off emails and flicking between YouTube or social media apps. And while its 5Mp rear-facing camera may be better than the Hudl’s 3Mp snapper, realistically neither is likely to take shots you’d want to frame and put on your wall.

So, for undemanding everyday use, the £119 Hudl may well be a better choice and it does have a sharper screen for web browsing and enjoying iPlayer and other video apps. Given the choice, I’d adhere to my inner skinflint, save £11 and go for a Hudl.

Rob Leedham – online writer

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7 replies

  1. I returned my HUDL because on some screens the “Buttons” on the left-hand side would not respond to “taps”. The Tesco service desk told me that others had been returned for the same reason.

  2. I returned my HUDL before Christmas 7days after receipt as it repeatedly failed to connect to my Wi Fi HUB even right next to Hub; hence Tablet useless as ALL programing is downloaded after connection! A replacement HUDL repeated this, my experience! I bought on the basis of the reviews here on Which. I am now totally against owning any Tablet as being one-handed I cannot justify the cost without the help of doubled value Tesco Vouchers. I did get a very quick refund of ALL values and cash paid out rom Tesco. So apart from being disappointed and losing a little time, I am no worse off for trying go Tablet by the cheapest route!

  3. I bought one as a present for a 15 year old and almost immediately we had a problem with the left hand side of the screen not working. Took it back and it was reset in store but made no difference so got a refund, as had also seen on line that this appeared to be a problem not mentioned on the review sites.

    Disappointed as it was doing what it had been bought for. No problems re refund.

  4. I was tempted to buy a Hudl as I had enough vouchers to make it a good deal. The first one I had was very difficult to attach to home wifi, and then I discovered that it had not and would not charge, so it was immediately replaced. The second one was as difficult to connect to wifi, but has been doing very good service for. I am still learning its capabilities but find it more and more useful. It is a reference tool, atlas and home entertainment in one. I read emails download missed TV programmes, read newspapers. Just discovered that I can find out how long until the next bus from our local bus stop too. Yes I expect you can do the same with all the other makes, but for £60 it was a bargain.

  5. Not sure hoe the expert can state that the Hudl’s screen is better for watching iPlayer when iPlayer is only outputting a SD stream.

    Lets face it – the Hudl is a chinese chip tablet made in China whereas the Tegra Note (that’s what the Advent tablet is called by NVidia) is a Nvidia ODM device contract manufactured by a huge EMS.

    Barge pole would not be pointed in the direction of the Hudl and the Tegra Note is a bargain being my bottom line.

  6. I would like to use a Tesco Hudl for taking notes. Is this possible and does it have an alphabetic touchscreen ? Also can the notes be printed off. Thanks. Daniel Reid.

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