Samsung S9 UHD – the world’s largest ultra HD TV

Samsung S9 UHD – what is it?

Samsung is referring to its ultra HD models as UHD TV, but whether its ultra HD, UHD or even 4K, it all means the same thing – TVs displaying four times the resolution of current full HD (3840 x 2160 pixels). Other manufacturers, most notably LG and Sony, are also showing ultra HD TVs at CES this year so the competition’s hotting up.

There’s no pricing or availability confirmed as yet, in fact it doesn’t sound like the 110-inch version will be coming to market but the 85-inch model seems much more likely to make it.

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The following is not a review, but our first impressions of the product based on a short time viewing it. Pricing and availability is tentative and subject to change.

Samsung S9 UDH – what are the key features?

  1. High contrast display Apart from the high resolution, Samsung’s also promising high contrast. Its Precision Black Pro technology claims to show deep, real blacks as well as clean whites. It uses a high contrast ratio and something called ‘Ultimate Dimming’ to give sharp resolutions previously unseen on large format displays, according to Samsung.
  2. Quad-core processor The S9 and other top-end  2013 LED TVs from Samsung will feature a quad-core processor. The purpose is to ensure a quick and responsive experience when moving between content and apps – as TVs start to become more and more multitasking this should prove very handy.
  3. Ability to upgrade The Samsung Evolution Kit allows you to upgrade your TV with the latest smart TV features. With smart TV developing fast this could help make sure you’re not stuck with an old system.

Which? expert first impressions

Catherine WestLike all the ultra HD TVs I’ve seen so far at CES, picture quality really is stunning – even on the upscaled footage (there’s no ultra HD content available for consumers at present so these TVs would be upscaling broadcast TV and Blu-ray content). Whether or not anyone’s going to want a 110-inch version is another matter…

Samsung seems to have taken a bit of a scatter gun approach on the sizing of this TV with 110, 95, 85, 65 and 60-inch versions on display at its booth. The 85-inch model seems most likely to hit to stores, but even then it’s not going to be affordable enough to take off for some years yet – it’s real future TV tech. The promised quad-core processor helps this TV stand out from the rest of the ultra HD pack, as well as the upgrade option. If you’re spending thousands you’re not going to want it to go out of date.
Catherine West – Senior Researcher

CES 2013 FAQ

What is CES 2013?
CES is short for Consumer Electronics Show – it’s the largest tradeshow of its type in the world and the place where major technology brands announce their new products and discuss the future of technology.

Why does Which? attend?
It gives us an insight into what’s coming in the year ahead, so we can ensure we’re testing the right products in the right way. We also use the time to speak to technology companies to ensure they’re listening to consumer needs.

How can I find out more?
Visit our CES page for our first impressions of all the major new products from the show.

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