Samsung ES8000 LED TV – a future proof TV [Video]

Samsung has unveiled its new flagship Smart LED TV at this year’s CES, the Samsung ES8000. The high-end telly boasts gesture and voice control, and is claimed to be future proof.

Samsung ES8000 video

The Samsung ES8000 has a thin bezel and a new ‘U’-shaped stand. On the top of the TV, built into the bezel, sits a camera, which allows the the TV to recognise gestures that can be used by the viewer to interact with the TV.

The camera also uses face recognition technology to identify the viewer. This can open different viewers’ profiles, so different members of the household can have access to the different applications they’ve  downloaded.

Voice and gesture controllable TV

The motion, or gesture, recognition is supposed to make it easier to control the Smart applications, however we’re yet to put it to the test. Beyond this means of control, the Samsung ES8000 also features voice control. To wake the TV up to voice commands, the viewer needs to say ‘Hi TV’. After this, a number of commands such as ‘channel up’ and ‘channel 3’, for example, are available.

During our quick tour of the TV we were unable to see the section at the rear where updates are installed, however Samsung claims that this TV can be updated as new features become available. With a price that’s likely to be quite high, this future proofing of the TV may help justify the expense to some users.

Multi-tasking functionality

The Samsung ES800 has a dual-core processor that will enable the TV to multitask, so you’ll be able to switch between application without closing them down. This feature will also allow for multi-tabbed browsing of web pages over the internet.

The TV’s capable of both 2D and 3D content, and alongside all the smart TV viewing (internet streaming) options, and the downloadable games, Samsung has also partnered with Rovio, which means the popular Angry Birds game will be available.

The ES8000 is expected to launch in the UK around March/April, and we’ll be taking a more in-depth look at its features in the coming weeks.

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