Weird and wonderful tech of CES 2015

Parrot Pot

CES attracts a huge number of exhibitors and an even greater number of devices – some rather more niche than others.

Here’s some of the weird and wonderful tech that caught the eye of the Which? Tech Daily team as they walked the show floor.

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Best of CES 2015 – our picks of the show

Parrot Pot

The Parrot Pot (pictured above) monitors the moisture levels of your potted houseplants to ensure they’re fully watered and healthy. The pot will water your plants automatically once it senses the soil moisture is low – and it has a two litre reservoir that should be enough to keep your houseplants watered for a month if you plan to go on holiday.

As all plants have different watering requirements you can even select the type of plant you’re growing from over 8,000 varieties, and the Parrot Pot’s mobile app will tell you if the species of plant would grow better in an area with a different amount of sunlight or ambient temperature.

Symphonic Light Speaker

Sony Symphonic Light Speaker

Sony brought its usual roster of TVs, cameras and headphones to the show, but found room for a concept speaker that doubles as a lamp. The Symphonic Light Speaker connects to your home’s wireless connection to stream music and, should the lamp’s design clash with your living room’s décor, Sony also showed the LED-powered light bulb speaker hanging from a ceiling light socket instead.

Sleep Shepherd

Sleep Shepherd

The Sleep Shepherd is a nightcap with a difference, in that it actively monitors your brainwaves as you lie in bed. Should your night’s sleep be anything but peaceful the Shepherd will emit ‘finely tuned frequencies’ that are said to mimic the brain’s natural sleep cycle. CES is hardly a place to dose off so we haven’t tested it, but enough people have been convinced to ensure the Sleep Shepherd raised $50,000 on Kickstarter.

Smart Diet Scales

Smart Diet Scales

Taking regular trips to your scales goes hand-in-hand with dieting, so it was perhaps inevitable that a tech firm would design scales with weight loss in mind. Smart Diet Scales has developed exactly that, and its scales will actually transmit data to an app that makes meal suggestions based on your weight. The scales can track up to six people too so multiple people in your household can count the calories together.

Giroptic 360 cam

Giroptic 360 cam

This video camera records HD footage across 360 degrees via its three camera lenses. The really novel thing here though is that it outputs just one video file, or photo if you’re using it to take pictures. That means that on a still image you get a panoramic effect you can scroll through, while you can play back footage on your tablet and actually move the tablet around to see the full 360 degrees of view.

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