Samsung Series 7 laptop first look video review

What is the Samsung Series 7 Chronos?

Following in the footsteps of the Samsung Series 9, this is a premium model designed to appeal to those who want a stylish look as well as high performance. While the Series 9 is primarily focussed at business users, this is squarely aimed at the consumer market.

This laptop will go on sale in mid-October, so if you like the look of it you’ll have a month to wait. It will cost around £800 putting it at the upper end of the laptop market but still cheaper than Apple Macbook with similar specifications. It comes with a choice of Intel Core i5 or i7 processors, a 750GB hard drive and 8GB of SSD.

Samsung Series 7 700z Chronos laptop video

Not sure what specifications or features you need? Get the answers in our guide to choosing the best laptop.

What’s different about the Samsung Series 7 Chronos?

In line with Samsung’s move towards matte screens, the 700Z has a anti-reflective screen surface. This stands it apart from most other laptops on the market, in recent times a matte screen is an option that’s been pretty hard to come by . The display is surrounded by a thin bezel frame which maximises screen size in the room available.

When we asked if you wanted to see a return to matte screens the majority said yes – join the debate at Which? Conversation now.

This laptop runs express cache program, according to Samsung this remembers the files that you use regularly and optimises their performance, it also speeds up boot time to just 20 seconds.

There’s a AMD graphics card with 1GB of memory, so you’d expect gaming and film watching performance to be good.

What else do I need to know?

The battery is integrated and offers up to nine hours of battery life at regular usage. It also has all the connectivity options you might expect, two USB 3.0 ports, one USB 2.0.

To connect a VGA cable, however, you’ll need to plug in the supplied dongle.

In the full review…

We haven’t tested the Samsung 700Z Chronos yet, but when we do you’ll get the definitive verdict on the following:

  • Wi-fi signal quality– unlike other review websites, we test the range, quality and reliability of every laptop’s wi-fi connection.
  • Real-world battery life– we don’t use synthetic tests to estimate battery life, we perform real-world tests that measure battery life when using wi-fi and when watching films on DVD.
  • Screen quality – we compare every laptop we test for screen quality using professional measuring equipment and a panel of expert testers that view laptops side-by-side to see which is best. We also test how easy it is to view in bright light.

See our how we test laptops page for more on our testing, or try Which? today for just £1 to see the Best Buys in our laptop reviews section.

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  1. > In the full review…

    It would be good if you could introduce measurements of the noise level produced by both laptops and desktop systems. Most would probably be pretty quiet when idling, but when they heat up and one or more cooling fans cut in, it can be a different story. Maybe not noticeable if you’re working in a busy office, but definitely more relevant if, for example, you’re using it at home late in the evening and things are otherwise peaceful.

    1. Hi Gary, We currently do test for noise as part of our lab testing for laptops. This includes fan noise and all other noises. We usually find that most models are reasonably quiet, but there are occasionally exceptions, which we highlight in our reviews.

    2. Hi there,

      I am also interested in the fan noise. Some laptop fans now have this “burst” cooling process where they will come on in quick rapid bursts. I am not sure what the benefits are to this, but it is extremely irritating and distracting. I hate using my current laptop for work simply because of the rapid fire fan bursts. They are just impossible to get used to and it has been 2.5 years! I’d love it if the fans came on and made “continuous” noise and then shut off.

    1. Hi Mark, good question. Unfortunately although I’ve seen this laptop I can’t remember off the top of my head. I’ll check this out at Samsung’s stand at IFA and get back to you.

    2. Hi Mark I was able to check this out tonight and the speakers are actually located in the hinge, similarly to the Apple Macbook Pro. No wonder they were hard to spot!

  2. When testing for the full review, please comment on the noise levels, particularly under load. Fan noise is an annoyance, particularly in otherwise quiet environments, which is not always covered in reviews.

    1. I can’t comment on the Series 9 issues, but this laptop isn’t as thin and light so the heat dissipation demands ought not be so high.

  3. When you review it, could you pay attention to the battery life in real condition ?

    Does somebody know the amount of time lost if you choose an i5 instead of an i7 ?

  4. Please treat screen resolution as a key component of specification, up there with processor, RAM and HDD. It’s more important than screen size, because it tells you how much information you can see at once rather than how big that information might be.

  5. I’ve been running a Samsung X460 for the last 3 years and am v disappointed that the left mouse button has now failed, and it gets really very hot. I use it all day most days and rest it on a hard flat base on my lap to ensure maximum airflow around it but the heat is BAD! I am wary about buying another Samsung although this Chronos looks perfect for my needs. Please could you test for heat under load? Surely it can’t be good for its components for a laptop to consistently run so hot. (I have to use this on my lap -sitting at a desk is not an option for me). I don’t want to make a big mistake buying a new laptop so this is a very important issue to me.

    1. I believe it’s due to come out October. I imagine it will be available through all the major retailers, and plenty of on minor ones as well.

  6. I can’t wait for this laptop, seems it will suit my needs perfectly. Finally a light, yet poweful laptop that seems as if it will run all the editing programmes I use daily.

    Is there a release date for the Uk yet?

    On a side note I wonder how it will handle the occasional game…

  7. Shame they are not using the NVIDIA gt series graphic card like Sony as the ATI drivers are hit & miss using my Matrix 3d cad program. We are very limited in choice so always looking for high end lapdogs at a fair price. The macbook pro is over £2 k

  8. SO – I did just buy one of these and love everything about this…. However…
    here are my complaints:

    ATI switchable graphics are total garbage. Can’t upgrade ATI or Intel drivers to latest, so that rules out playing any games at top speed – Specifically Battlefield 3 in my case.

    I bought the Best Buy model, which comes with no backlit keyboard. Major PIA – As I came from the apple scene…

    The touchpad is … meh… ok – Again, nothing compares to the macbook touch pad, but I will give a good effort thumbs up to Samsung for trying to copy every aspect of Apple on these guys.

    Things like having to hold fn+f2 or other “f” keys when needing to trigger sound/brightness.

    Lack of ambient sensor for lighting – This is a huge one – I hate having to manually change my brightness or create power settings/profiles. I mean, come on – It’s 2011/12 and shouldn’t have to be telling a laptop to lower brightness when it’s pitch black in the room. Again, Apple wins here.

    Other than that – few minor gripes with keyboard – But overall, the screen, speed, performance, heat, battery life, weight and size is great IMO. I am an IT guy that uses laptop all day and rigorously stresses out the laptop of choice. I have several virtual machines running and using 3d graphics all day. Just wish the ATI drivers were not bundled with Samsung’s bloatware.

  9. Hi! i would like to know where the cooling fans are located on the laptop. And also I would know which way the air is sucked in and where it is pushed out.

  10. Hi! I’m trying to decide between this and a MBP 13″… I’d really rather a pc, but I don’t like the current trend for widescreens (seems only Apple make 16:10s now:(), and the addition of the alpha numeric keyboard (which I’ll never use) and then offset touchpad… I’d heard that there’s a narrower version of this laptop without the extra keys on the right but am having trouble tracking it down, but you seem to have it in the picture at the top! Could you tell me what the specific model name is for this narrow version, and where one can get it? Thanks!!

    1. At the moment Samsung is only selling the 15.6-inch version of this laptop, but as you noticed we actually saw the 14-inch version. Samsung has said when it plans to sell the 14-inch, which I agree would be a good option. I shall make a point of asking them again!

  11. So, I bought this laptop at John Lewis.

    Pros: cool design, screen quality, very soft and nice-to-the-touch keyboard

    Cons: design (hard edges cutting into palms), poor speakers, clumsy mouse pad (mentioned already by someone in this forum), bad ventilation (seems that some of it is done from the bottom, so if you are putting it on couches or your knees, it can get quite hot and uncomfortable).

    Some Fn+ functions are slow to respond

    Verdict: cons by far outweigh the pros as far as I am concerned.

  12. I also bought from John Lewis and it’s the best laptop I’ve owned.

    The only downside for me are the speakers, but I find this to be a complaint about many Samsung products.

    For everyday use, there is very little to complain about. Great laptop.

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