Pentax K-5 II – Pentax DSLR with improved autofocus

What is it?

The K-5 II and very similar K5-IIs, the latter doesn’t have a low-pass filter, so it’s best suited to studio work. The K5-II is the more versatile – for both indoors and out, so it’s the one we looked at in our first look review.

Compared to the original K-5, the sensor and processor remain the same – it has a 16.3Mp APS-C CMOS sensor.

The biggest change is that the K-5 II has been kitted out with a new, more sensitive AF module that works in a broad brightness range from EV-3 to EV18. This should improve autofocus speed and make the K 5-II more effective than it’s predecessor in low light. Pentax also says there should be less noise at higher ISO settings with this latest model.

Get a closer look at the Pentax K 5-II in our first look video:

Below are our first impressions based on a short time with the product, not a full review. Read our Digital SLR reviews for full reviews of the latest DSLRs and Compact system cameras and to see which produce the sharpest shots and sport the quickest speeds. Read about how we test digital SLRs for an in-depth breakdown of all our DSLR and compact system camera tests.

Pentax K-5 II – Katie’s first impressions

If you’re already familiar with the K-5, picking up the K-5 II won’t feel much different. The body is exactly the same. It’s a big camera – size-wise you could be forgiven for thinking it’s a pricier model than it is.

Pentax has made some changes to the LCD screen to make it more scratch resistant and less prone to reflections, but it’s difficult to see the impact of this under exhibition lighting or to test out the new capabilities of the autofocus – we’ll have to wait until we get it to our lab to see how it really measures up against the previously tested K-5.

There are buttons and dials aplenty, providing quick access to controls – pretty much any function you could regularly need has a dedicated control.

Like the original K-5 it’s also weatherproof, so you can snap away outside to  your heart’s content.

When can I buy it?

The K-5 II is due to be available by October, priced at 1099 Euros (around £900) with the 18-55mm kit lens.

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