How do you rate Sony Bravia TVs? [Poll]

We have reviews of over 25 Sony TVs in our TV reviews section and our TV test programme stretches to a total of 40 A4 pages, but we can’t tell the whole story. Sometimes there are gremlins and irritations that only reveal themselves through months or even years of intimate use. That’s where Which? customer views come in – any Which? member can share their experiences of any product we’ve reviewed to help other people.

Do you own a Sony Bravia TV?

This week we’re looking what people are saying about Sony Bravia TVs. If you own one you can help out other buyers by sharing your thoughts. Visit our TV reviews and if we’ve reviewed your TV, leave a review by clicking on the ‘customer views’ tab on the product page. Visit our customer views help page for a guide to reviews and to find out how you could win £600.

Tadpole is very happy with the Sony Bravia KDL-32CX523…

I was so happy with this TV we bought another for the living room. Even on an old ariel where previous TV pictures have broken up and been poor this TV delivers a lovely clear bright picture even on old SD programmes.  The sound quality is good for me. Rating: 5 out of 5

…but JustJoe has some problems with the remote

The TV is fine initial set up was very easy. However . I have problems with the remote. The buttons are very close together and I have found that I unintentionally press eg the “Home” button when I meant to pres the “Options” button-most annoying! Rating: 3 out of 5

ErikHob is full of praise for the Sony Bravia KDL-32EX403

HD quality is great, internet connectivity is handy, gives access to lovefilm, youtube, bbc iplayer, etc. setup is easy, easy to link to other equipment. sound is ok. i don’t have any bother of the viewing angle, even though that is the problem with most of these lcd tv’s. i can sit on a 70 degree angle and still have a decent picture, even though it is not as good as straight in front of the tv.I love this purchase. Rating: 5 out of 5

…Savvy007 agrees about the HD, but warns of a possible extra cost

The HD is superb, watching football and wimbledon on HD has been amazing. I have not yet tried the internet connection, as the wifi bit is another £70, and I don’t fancy running a 5m cable from my router.In summary, for the money I have paid and the 5 year warranty, I do not regret buying it. Rating: 4 out of 5

MikeySkiBoy describes his Sony Bravia KDL-24EX320 as ‘almost fabulous’

There are a few let downs which stops it from getting top marks:

1. As with most small flat screen TVs, the sound could be better. This is one of the better sounding ones, but it is still fairly poor. To add insult to injury, there is no proper audio output and I having to run a pair of powered speakers from the headphone jack, which is a bit of a pain.

2. There is no Freeview HD. The equivalent Panasonic does!

3. If you are running this as a 2nd TV, i.e. in the kitchen, there seems to be a lag in the programme being displayed. This manifests itself as an echo if your main TV is on the same channel. Our previous Sony did not do this and it is a bit annoying.

How do you rate Sony Bravia TVs?

They're good - I'm a satisfied owner (75%, 292 Votes)

They're okay - I'm happy, but there are problems (14%, 56 Votes)

Not very good - I've got one and I'm unhappy (6%, 24 Votes)

Never again - I had one once, but never again (4%, 16 Votes)

Total Voters: 388

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3 replies

  1. My 40ex503 has a fantastic picture, HD is gorgeous and rock solid with fast moving scenes, and it does an outstanding job of upscaling. If you like your picture vibrant (i.e. shop mode) you could find this TV too reserved, but personally I love it. The sound, like all flat panels, is way short of my old CRT, so much so that I bought an add-on sub & speakers which straps on the back. (This was the only option I could find which could use the same remote, and is overall very good). The TV looks OK and build is good enough, but isn’t anyway special. Do NOT buy Sony’s wifi dongle, it has shockingly poor sensitivity. My only worked with a clear line of sight, even a door in the way scuppered it. £35 will buy you a pair of plugs to patch a LAN over your ring main, these worked out of the box and have been trouble free. Oh, the remote is OK if large; the TV’s menu system is fine, I’ve used much worse.

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