Cheap TVs – why the time to buy is now

Buying the perfect size TV

With Euro 2016 and the Rio Olympics, there’s a summer of sport ahead of us. While some may consider that a reason to run for the hills, sport fans will no doubt be tempted into buying a spanking new TV on which to watch all the action.

The good news is that now’s a great time to shop for a fantastic Best Buy TV, as cheap TVs released in 2015, including 4K TV models, have seen hundreds of pounds tumble from their starting price tags.

TV reviews – see super sets to suit all needs and budgets

The big TV price drop

With new televisions now hitting the shop shelves and online, prices of last year’s Best Buy TVs have fallen dramatically compared with when they launched.

For example, eight Best Buy TVs we’ve featured in the latest edition of Which? magazine, including mid-range and premium sets, have collectively seen £6,552 slashed from their prices since last spring. We also checked prices for 43 TVs released last year and found that they have been reduced by a staggering £30,916 over the past 12 months.

You can now buy fancy 4K Ultra HD sets at knockdown prices. Although the sporting action won’t be broadcast live in 4K, these sets should still give you a fantastic viewing experience in standard and high definition.

Which? expert view – cheap isn’t always cheerful

Andrew_Laughin_ipadSo, you can find some excellent cheap TVs in the old stock if you’re willing to shop around, with both high street stores and online outlets offering excellent discounts.

However, don’t be seduced purely by a low price, as a poor-quality TV is still not worth your money. Check out our TV reviews first before handing over your cash.

After you get your new TV, remember to optimise its picture to get the best possible viewing experience. We publish expert picture settings for every TV we test in the Specifications tab of our online reviews.

Andrew Laughlin – Which? TVs expert

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5 replies

  1. Dear Sir
    Your best buy reviews on TV, are all priced above £1000, I am after one under £500.
    Also I have asked in the past, when will you test Cat foods, for the best.
    T Jones

    1. The cheapest best buy TV is just over £300. If you’re a member, you can filter the TV reviews by score, price and best buy status.

  2. I agree, I’d like a basic TV around the 37-40 inch mark, that I can plug my freesat box into, no need for smart-anything, just good picture and sound, and if it costs less than £500 all the better.
    Any recommendations?
    Not bothered about cat food though :)

  3. What is the actual difference between the Samsung TV UE32H5000 and UE32H5040?
    The reviews are the same but the Tech Spec’s are different and don’t tie up with the relevant reviews.

  4. I’m curious. This article is dated 8/5/2006, as is Nic Shaw’s reply to the first post, or at least it is on my machine.

    The 3 posts however, are dated 5/4/14, 9/4/14, and 29/3/15.

    Do you wheel this article out once a year or is my computer more frazzled than I thought?

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