Samsung ES8000: An in-depth look at this flagship TV [Video]

The Samsung ES8000 TV is a cutting edge TV. It supports 2D and 3D content, and being a Smart TV provides access to a number of web-based services, including catch up TV, health and fitness tools, and social media.

Its stand out feature, however, is the voice and gesture control interface. It works with a standard remote control, and the new thumb-padded Smart Touch Control is also included, but when these are out of reach, you may want to talk to your telly or wave at it to access certain functions.

You can see the voice control and gesture control features of the Samsung ES8000 in use in our video below. Please let us know whether they’re features you think you’d find useful in the comments section below.

Exclusive, in-depth first look video of the Samsung ES8000 TV

Please note that the ‘Volume keep up’ command may not be present on the ES8000 when it launches and the TV has a 900MHz processor rather than a 900GHz processor as mentioned in the video.

What’s new with the Smart TV services?

Another main feature of this TV is that it’s a Smart TV, providing access to a host of social media and on-demand video services. Many Samsung TVs from 2011 offered Smart TV services, but this year’s Smart TV interface is in HD and it looks clearer and sharper as a result.

Using the same camera built into the TV bezel that detects the gesture controls, family members are recognised and individual Smart TV accounts can be accessed. This means that you can log in to your individual Facebook or Twitter accounts, and download Samsung apps that suit you and will only appear on your profile.

Smart TVs have been evolving rapidly over the last few years, and a number of Which? members have complained to us that services on older Smart TVs are no longer supported. Samsung, however, claims that the ES8000 is a future proof TV and that as users will be able to plug in hardware and software updates when they become available, the TV panel investment is more worthwhile.

Why would you want a camera on your TV?

Beyond being used for gesture control and the face recognition that logs viewers into their individual Smart TV profiles, the camera can also be used for video calls, through services such as Skype, and for fitness applications.

In the latter scenario, a user could watch a fitness instructor on one half of the screen and have the image captured by the camera shown on the other half of the screen. This would enable the user to keep a closer eye on how they are performing alongside the instructor.

The camera will also allow assigned users to remotely view what’s happening in the living room. A practical application of this is being able to check on the room when away from home, or keep a watchful eye on children. A light turns on when an assigned user attempts to remotely access the camera, and the feature can be switched off.

Most importantly, what’s the picture and sound quality like?

We’ll reserve judgment on these aspects of the TV’s performance until we’ve had the Samsung ES8000 in to our labs, when we’ll be able to conduct a full and comparitive evaluation; however our initial look at the TV suggests it should do well in the all-important picture quality tests.

Samsung claims that both 2D and 3D content will be better than last year’s impressive D8000 TV. Here’s a quote from the D8000’s review:

High-definition pictures look fantastic. Remarkable depth, silky-smooth motion and vibrant colour on both Blu-ray and Freeview HD pictures simply blew our expert viewing panel away. The Freeview HD in particular was significantly better than anything else we’ve watched. But what of standard definition, which is still the type of TV picture most of us watch most of the time? Fear not. Normal TV looks stunning too. A remarkable absence of picture noise (graininess), outstanding depth and fine detail really make the D8000 stand out.

Samsung also claims that the sound quality has been improved, however with such a thin panel we’re not expecting anything outstanding. Last year’s Samsung D8000 TV was awarded three-out-of-five for its audio performance, so this is something we’ll monitor closely on the ES8000 when we get it in to our labs after it launches in the next few months.

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24 replies

  1. “hi TV” sounds a bit too much like ITV. how good is it at voice recognition when the volume is at a normal level and two or three people in the room are talking to each other ? it all looks a bit clunky and maybe of some use to some disabled people but that’s about it. I’d sooner have a remote that’s like a smart phone interface. it seems a lot more practical. i like the upgradable option with new boards being available but as long as the price would be sensible and improvements made it worth it, not just a cash-in to catch rich early adopters.

    1. Samsung thinks it’ll be available in March, but has not indicated how much the TV will cost. We’ll let you know as soon as we hear of it hitting the shopfloors around the UK.

    2. I’m going to get this so far I have read 3 reviews they have all been top top scores,but ill wait for your review,in also waiting for wt50 by Panasonic,I think that will just beat it,until the es8000 evolution chip upgrade

  2. My number one priority above all of the fancy ‘smart tv’ features would be to find out if Samsung has fixed the stutter/frame skipping on the Motion Plus feature for 50Hz sources such as DVD and blu-ray from TV programmes (1080i 50Hz). It is not good enough to have only one of the five Motion Plus options (Clear) work with 50Hz sources, which is the case on the D8000. (note that all five options worked OK with 24p bluray movies).
    I’m really keen to know if this has been fixed because the D8000 was almost my perfect TV. If it has then I want the ES8000!

  3. Just got this tv yesterday replaced a faulty D8000 55″ liked the 8000 better the motion and speech thing are just gimmicks.


    think i will send this back

  4. The voice and motion functions are a joke. Indeed the much heralded ES series seems to be a test model for Samsung. I visited John Lewis, Richer Sounds, and Sevenoaks – 3 of the biggest retailers and not one of them could manage to demonstrate the Voice and motion functions!
    The salesman at richer sounds managed the voice recognition by talking into the remote, which entirely negates the point of it- namely to do it without the remote !

  5. “The camera will also allow assigned users to remotely view what’s happening in the living room” – where did you get this information from? My UK ES8000 offers me no such functionality

  6. What is the interaction between this TV and X-Box 360 which already has a camera connected to it? How would these work together with two interactive systems running at the same time?

  7. I just got this tv in 40 inch and I can’t seem to access the web browser. Do I need to purchase a wireless lan adapter? Also the 2d to 3d conversion isn’t as great as LG Lm760t. Do I need to re-adjust the settings accordingly?

    1. I’m not sure about the 3D settings but the ES8000 should have built in wi-fi so it should just be a case of finding the settings and connecting to your home network.

  8. His there! :)
    I just saw your video on utube and I have to say I loved it!
    I’m from India and coz of ur video I’ve convinced my mum of buying 8000 rather than 7500
    So I just wanted to thank you :)
    I’m not sure bat conversion rates but here it costs 124000 rupees this roughly 2296 USD
    I loved urban review and will let u know how the tv is :)
    Cheers :)

  9. hi just got the 40inc tv. in the in-depth review the web browser was google. but now the web browser is msn bing, that is in my opinion rubbish.
    if you try to load google chrome as you web browser you can not do it.
    so why have samsung who use google on all there smart phones and pads decided not to use google as there web browser on there smart tvs.
    this in in the uk

  10. this tv have a very good picture quality even better to sharp aquos quatron to my eyes ( i have both) , the voice command with camera might be a good thing for peoples withh hand handycape but, for now, quite too slow for normal peoples in sense that by today standard we want very fast reaction and this one is still slow yet to react but, i understand that it is just the beginnning.
    i like the addition of camera and, the applications are well stuffed.

  11. Well I have purchased this smart Tv in December 2012, if I want to access the camera remotely how can I do it, do I have to download some samsung app and pls send mevthe link.

  12. i am 4rm Bangladesh. in 19/4/2013 i but Samsung ua46es8000 cerise 3d led smart TV 4 rm Thailand. After 2 day installing i saw in my TV a pink shad from middle to right side.but middle to left side is ok . after watching this i turnoff my tv. than i trun on my TV after 2day. when i trun on my tv after 2 day there is no pink shade on right side.but after 10min the pink shade come again middle to right side.after that when i trun on my tv its show pink shad……..
    can u please tell me 4r what reason it happen. & how i solve this problem.
    if u want to see my tv picture quality than i can send u my tv picture.
    pls help me out……………i am in big trabbel……….

  13. Hi please let me know is this possible to install any other new applications as like skype to use in this model….Also please confirm me for UA46ES7500 model too.thank you.

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